Google Adwords Call Integration

You can now optimise your Google Adwords™ expenditure using caller information.

Jet CallTracker™ can be fully-integrated with your Google Adwords™ account, combining both online and call enquiries in the one location.

Get the full picture – you can now see ALL your website conversions regardless of whether visitors complete a form, send an email, complete an ecommerce transaction or call up and purchase over the phone.

Jet CallTracker fills in these gaps, combining statistics from both online and offline lead generation, from particular PPC keywords. Businesses of all sizes can benefit from the following CallTracker features:

  • Real-time call conversions
  • Keyword-level value per call
  • Set all calls as goals, or limit to successful or missed only
  • Use Call Conversion Wrap Up to record the individual sale value within Adwords
  • Call Tracker preserves Google Adwords™ statistics
  • Installation is quick and easy

Gain the most value from your Google Adwords™ campaigns

Integrating Jet CallTracker with Google Adwords™ is quick and easy. For more information, download the brochure or call Jet Interactive directly and speak with one of our Account Managers.