Bundle 90 plan FAQs

The Bundle 90 plan is perfect for any small to medium business looking to understand and improve their online marketing initiatives.

Is Adwords generating more calls than SEO? What are the main keywords and ads responsible for making my phone ring - and how to I get more!? The Bundle 90 plan can answer these questions and ensure every marketing dollar is spent intelligently. Below are some questions that other customers have had before setting up the Bundle 90 plan. If you have any other questions get in contact with our This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Bundle 90 FAQs

What type of numbers do you offer?

We offer premium inbound numbers, and you can choose from local, 1300 or 1800 numbers.

How do you match each phone call to a website visitor?

By using world’s best call tracking technology developed right here at Jet Interactive. We use a bit of code and a pool of dynamic numbers on your website that allows us to track how visitors got to your website before they call and match each caller to their web visit when they do call. For a more detailed explanation of our technology, please call us, we love to talk about it!

What type of call tracking data can I expect to be pushed into my Google Analytics account?

Using Jet, phone calls can be measured in Google Analytics as a phone call goal. This makes it very easy to compare phone conversions with other online conversions and metrics from Google's easy to use platform. For more information on this, watch this video.

How long does it take to setup?

Once we get approval to setup your account, we will get the tracking numbers and code to you within 3 working days. From there it's a simple cut and paste of code onto your website that shouldn't take longer than an hour to complete.

How easy is this to put on my website?

Very easily. We provide you with a small snippet of code, very similar to the Google Analytics code. Like the GA code, it doesn’t take long to cut and paste onto your website - we're also here to help if need be.

Can I upgrade to a higher value plan if I need to?

You can upgrade at any time and there are no penalties or restrictions if you do.

I want to integrate phone call insights with another platform, can I do that?

Absolutely, we integrate with many other marketing and sales tools like bid management platforms, CRMs and split testing tools. Ask your Jet sales representative for more information on your particular platform.

I already have a 13, 1300 or 1800 number, what should I do with this?

You don't want to lose that number, as your customers may have saved it and it might be on other marketing materials. We recommend porting that number to our network so we can track the calls to that number too so you can compare calls from existing customers to calls from your website. We will match your current providers call rates and do not charge a porting fee. For more information on this speak to your Jet sales consultant.

Does my plan include call recording?

Yes it does, and we don't charge anything extra for it.

I have another question that isn't answered here

For anything we haven't covered off here please get in touch with your Jet sales representative, call us or contact us online.