Top 5 Reasons Agencies Should Use Call Tracking

23 January 2014

Why are so many agencies insisting their customers use Call Tracking?

Businesses want to know what marketing campaigns are working. Most businesses today are using an analytics software to track web visits, online sales and online forms to track medium performance to their websites. However many businesses are not tracking the volume of phone calls generated by their websites.

Many digital agencies are adopting call tracking as another analytics tool to capture and report on these previously lost phone leads and conversions to close the loop on their marketing campaigns ROI.

The Jet team have come up with a list of the top 5 reasons why agencies should use call tracking.

1. Prove your agencies value

Get credit for every lead and conversion. As an agency, one of your primary roles is to generate business for your client - by only showing web forms or enquiries generated you’re not getting full credit for your hard work! Show them how many times you have made their phone ring too.

2. Improve your search marketing campaigns

  • Bid smarter in your PPC campaigns. Every keyword, landing page, needs to be tested and optimised. Part of this testing and optimization process is with call tracking. Call tracking allows you to determine precisely which medium, campaign, keyword and landing pages generate calls.
  • With organic search now increasing becoming difficult to optimise due to the recent secure search update, you can now no longer report on organic keyword performance. However call tracking is still extremely valuable. You can still report on how many phone calls were derived from organic search and track which page callers land on before they call, and even what page they were on when they did call.
  • Page success and split testing. Whether you are using unique or uniform URLs for split testing, our call tracking can prove which pages are generating phone calls. Landing page A may be generating more web form completions that landing page B, but it may be the case that page B is driving twice as many phone leads and is the better optimised page. Also, the tested call to action on the landing pages is a phone call, then optimise around page B – conversely if the landing pages are an online point of sale you know page A is better performing.

3. Help the client see the whole marketing picture

  • It’s impossible to track every lead without some form of call tracking – instead of leaving gaps or estimations of phone leads in your client reports, show them all the results you have driven.
  • By using a combination of website analytics and call tracking, agencies can now account for each and every lead to provide the client with a clear picture on which marketing initiatives are driving new and qualified leads - and which are not.

4. Show you’re an innovative agency and retain your clients longer

  • Everyone knows retaining a client is much cheaper than acquiring a new one – by being a results driven agency that gives the client every piece of the picture will go a long way to client retention.
  • By getting the basics of campaign tracking sorted you will give full detail on each and every lead and conversion you generate and ensure you are miles ahead of many agencies.
  • Having accurate analytics gives your clients the confidence that you are making the correct decisions. Let’s face it, there are a lot of digital agencies out there! The client may not understand how you are tracking their online leads and conversions, but they do understand there is a missing piece of information – phone calls. Unless you unplug their phones, they want to know what is making the phone ring! Instead of saying “the last Adwords campaign generated 50 web form enquiries of which 20 turned into sales, but we expect you would have got some phone calls as well” you can say “the last Adwords campaign generated 50 web form completions of which 20 turned into sales. Also, the campaign generated 70 phone leads of which 30 were sales – and on average the phone lead sales spent 25% more with the business – let’s up the Adwords spend on the non-branded terms as they are driving these phone calls.”.

5. Confidently spend your clients budget on campaigns that drive most ROI

  • What is working best? eDMs vs direct mail, organic vs paid search, directories vs social – make sure the mix is right for each client you service so you can confidently make spending decisions.
  • Call tracking allows each and every lead to be attributed back to the relevant marketing campaign and channel. Now that every lead is accounted for, the ROI of each marketing channel can be accurately calculated. Once you know where the spend is getting results, you can boost your clients return and your they will have confidence their budget is spent correctly.

Using call tracking is essential to attribute and report each and every lead and conversion you generate for your client, and provides further opportunity to refine their marketing strategy with our granular call tracking insights. Make sure the client has the whole marketing picture, has confidence that you have every piece of information to spend smarter and most importantly recognises the great job you are doing for them.