Jet announce the world’s most advanced Google Analytics Integration

Using a unique method never before seen anywhere in the world, customer’s now have the opportunity to enhance the information provided in Google Analytics by integrating it with the world’s most advanced, detailed and easy to understand call analytics system.

Jet’s ability to communicate directly with the Google Analytics JavaScript code makes the reporting seamless with a degree of accuracy and detail that no other Google Analytics Integration has been able to achieve before.

Preserving all of the existing Google Analytics information while enhancing it with the client’s call data will provide not only a clearer picture of their website’s effectiveness but also a record of the call outcome and individual keyword value.

"This is a major leap forward in Google Analytics integration methodology and we’re very excited to be driving global best practice”, Daniel Russell, Jet General Manager, Client Services. “Now thanks to Jet’s Google Analytics app, clients can enhance their Google Analytics reporting with call tracking data in a way that has never been possible, until now”.

Jet Interactive is one of the world’s leading call tracking and analytics companies with thousands of clients including many of Australia’s Top 500 companies.