Call Tracking Measuring ROI

Jet Call Tracker™ - Optimise online marketing spend and increase ROI

Measure Calls Generated From Your Website & Traditional Media

68% of all online generated enquiries are delivered via the phone

Jet Interactive study September 2009.

  • Measure calls per Adword, PPC, social media, SEO and more
  • Optimise online marketing spend and increase ROI
  • Record calls to understand cal outcomes

What is Jet Call Tracker™?

Jet Call Tracker™ is an online call analytics package, or dashboard, designed to provide business owners, marketing specialists, advertisers and media with state of the art reporting tools that can measure every aspect of caller behaviour.

Jet Call Tracker™ is just one of the ever expanding suite of Jet Call Analytics products and services.

How does Jet Call Tracker™ Work?

Jet Call Tracker uses Unique Tracker Numbers (UTNs) to capture specific customer caller information. UTNs are usually 13 ,1300 or 1800 numbers but can be regular local numbers

Jet Call Tracker™ and Jet Call Exporter are FREE for Jet Interactive Customers

That is right - our two reporting products are FREE to Jet Interactive customers when they use Jet Interactive™ Unique Tracking Numbers.

Unique Tracking Numbers usually come in the form of 13, 1300, 1800 or Local Trackable Number services.

You can set up new numbers with Jet Interactive , including new Local Trackable Numbers, or seamlessly migrate your existing 13, 1300 or 1800 numbers onto the Jet network. Jet Interactive's call rates are amongst the cheapest in the industry so there is also the opportunity to save money on call costs by moving services to Jet Interactive.

Your are immediately given a Jet Call Tracker online login and call information starts to populate your reports within 24 hours.

If you have any questions regarding migrating existing numbers to Jet, or how to set up new numbers, drop us a line or call us on 1300 10 13 10

Call Tracker 4.0 can be set-up in 15 minutes and live flow-charts can be viewed immediately. Because data is collected online, no software or hardware is required and reports can be viewed through all web browsers, including smart phones such as Blackberry and Apple iPhone.

Jet Interactive receives the latest data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, allowing you to compare each campaign with national and international standards. This helps to evaluate the effectiveness of a marketing campaign, highlighting which areas were successful and how your budget should be distributed.

The effectiveness of call centres can be gauged, with reports stating how many calls are taken, how many are missed, call duration and average call congestion. This will allow call centre operators to determine how many calls can be expected at different stages of a campaign and delegate staff and resources accordingly.

Don’t waste time and money on media that is not generating call-response

Campaign managers can compare the response-rates of different marketing, including radio, television, print, outdoor and online material. Heat maps are used to monitor the call-responses to individual campaign material, including geographic and demographic analysis.

Separate key-words and call numbers can be attached to alternate mediums, allowing Call Tracker to identify the sources which generate a higher response. This provides valuable information for marketing and advertising agencies that can modify campaigns to generate more leads.

Most importantly, Jet Call Tracker 4.0 is the only FREE call reporting module in Australia To find out more, view our free video demonstration.

Alternatively, call Jet directly on 1300 13 10 13.

Our consultants can provide you with more information and explain how Call Tracker 4.0 can assist with the success of your next marketing campaign.