Call Tracking Reporting Portal

Jet CallTracker™ Online Reporting is one of the most sophisticated phone call analytics programs in the world

What are the advantages of Jet CallTracker?

  • Built from the ground up, in order to report on Australian call data in full detail
  • Entirely FREE for all Jet customers
  • Consists of over 50 reports, across 8 dashboards
  • Provides call levels per campaign, including TV, radio, press, direct and online marketing

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CallTracker Features

Campaign Comparison – Allocate a unique inbound number to every individual marketing platform, so you can trace where your calls are coming from.

Web Metrics – Receive instant feedback as to what online media is working, with reports on calls per click, individual session information such as keywords, landing page, call converting page, customer IP and online channels (such as SEO, Google AdWords, Bing, Yahoo!, PPC and social media).

Time and Day – Calls are reported per day, month and year. The time and length of each call, along with the outcome of each call, is tracked and reported.

Geo Map Tracking – This provides graphical representation of where your calls are coming from.

Demographics – CallTracker online reporting is embedded with information provided by the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Missed Calls – This measures how many calls were missed or unanswered because the line was busy, and compares these figures with the national average.

Calls Distribution – All calls are archived and indexed for quick review, allowing you to compare call volume by location and identify daily, monthly and seasonal trends.

Answering Location – This is crucial for improving in-house processes and performance, as you can identify where calls are being answered within your company.

Information Delivery – All data can be filtered and presented in visually appealing reports and presentations.

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