Call Whisper


Find out where your calls are coming from before you answer them!

Call Whisper notifications can be set-up, which alert the operator of where a call is coming from before they answer. This audible message will describe the source of the call with notifications such as “This is a website call” or “This is a TV call”. Jet Interactive can provide a range of standard messages; however clients may choose to create their own custom messages.

The call whisper is not heard by the caller and is solely for the purpose of internal reporting and to improve the quality of service. By alerting operators of the nature of the call before answering, they will be better prepared.

Contact Jet Interactive for more information

If you are interested in using the call whisper notification system or just want to find out more about Jet CallTracker and WebTracker, contact Jet Interactive directly. Our expert team will take the time to assess your requirements and ensure our solution is right for you.