Call Conversion Wrap-up & Reporting


Discover the true value of every phone call

Using the phone keypad, Call Conversion Wrap-up allows the operator to record the call outcome and actual sale value. Once the call has ended, staff will be prompted with a series of questions that captures whether the call resulted in a sale or not and the value of the sale.

Call conversion wrap-up and reporting will provide you with information regarding:

  • Call Outcome – Sale, Enquiry, Follow up Call, Wrong Number, Transfer, etc.
  • Sale Value – a dollar value is captured if the Call Outcome was a Sale


  • Rep ID of the individual operator
  • Product Number
  • Plus - Custom fields to suit individual company requirements

Where is this information stored?

Call Conversion information is stored in your CallTracker Online Reporting portal in the Call Details report. Call Conversion information, including individual sale values can also be included as an event or goal in your Google Analytics™ and Google Adwords™ accounts.

The most effective way to monitor customer service

To find out more about Call Conversion Wrap-up & Reporting, feel free to download our product brochure or contact us directly online or by phone.