Dynamic Numbers

Jet Interactive’s Dynamic Numbers product is the most sophisticated in the market, enabling maximum visitor detail with a minimum amount of numbers and cost!

Dynamic Numbers is a piece of software embedded within your website that changes the displayed phone number

It identifies calls made from Google AdWords™, display advertising, email-generated traffic, organic search, PPC, banner, online directories, social networking sites such as Facebook and even individual visitors and sessions.

Dynamic Numbers come in two major formats – Source Tracking and Visitor Session Tracking

Source Tracking

Source Tracking is the simplest form of Dynamic Numbers, which allocates a unique number to each traffic source (such as Google AdWords™ or SEO) and reports on the total calls generated from each of those channels.

The limitation of Source Tracking is that you need a unique number for each source you’re interested in tracking. This could be cost-prohibitive to businesses that need to monitor the effectiveness of hundreds of ever-changing keywords.

Webtracker Keywords

Visitor Session Tracking – Unlimited Keyword and Session information

Jet’s Visitor Session Tracking is the most efficient way of gaining unlimited keyword level information with a minimum amount of dynamic numbers. Visitor Session Tracking records the activity of every individual visitor to your site and matches that information to any calls they make to your business. This information is then compiled and reported within your Call Tracker Online Reporting. The details that can be attributed to each call include:

Caller Session Information

  • Source (i.e. Bing SEO, www.yellowpages.com.au or direct)
  • Keyword for SEO and PPC traffic
  • Medium (i.e. Display or PPC)
  • Campaign
  • IP Address and location
  • Landing or entry page
  • Conversion page (the page that the customer has open when they make the call)
  • Time and date of the call
  • The callers’ number
  • Call recording

Metrics within Call Tracker

  • Total Calls made per each Keyword (divided by SEO and CPC)
  • Total Calls made per medium such as Direct, SEO, CPC, Display, Referrals sites.
  • Total Calls made per Campaign, Creative execution, Banner, etc.

How Does Session Tracking work?

There are two methods that Jet use to match calls to individual visitor sessions, which are Session Sync and Rotating Numbers:

Session Sync
Session Sync matches individual calls to visitor session information using a number of variables, including caller and visitor location, time stamp, session length and conversion pages, etc. It is suitable for small businesses with low site traffic but still provides the reporting and visitor information available through Session Tracking.

Rotating Numbers
By allocating a unique phone number to each visitor that comes to your site, calls and sessions can be matched on high-volume sites with far greater accuracy. Numbers are recycled after a period of time and Session Sync can be used in conjunction with Rotating Numbers to further increase accuracy while reducing the pool of unique numbers required. Customers typically use the added detail of Session Tracking for their CPC or SEO traffic only while using Source Tracking for tracking Direct, Referred and Display visitors.

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