Dynamic Numbers™

Q. How long does this take to set up?

A. Dynamic Numbers™ can be set up in as little as 3 days, but typically allow 7 business days. If you are porting an existing 1300 number from your current carrier to Jet allow a further 6 working days for the government to complete this porting process.

Q. Cost for CallTracker™ and Dynamic Numbering™?

A. Remarkably cheap. If you already have 1300 or 1800 number then it is just a matter of moving it across to Jet’s very competitive rates. The online reporting system Jet CallTracker™ is FREE. If you set up a dynamic number code on your site there is sometimes a connection fee and a small monthly hosting fee. Check Jet for latest prices and offers.

Q. What programming is required on our site?

A. Very little. It typically takes just 10 to 20 minutes for an experienced HTML programmer to add the Jet supplied java Dynamic Number™ code.

Q. Is there any hardware or software requirements?

A. Besides the small java code on your site there are no other requirements.

Q. Do we need to reset our PABX or phone system?

A. No. All reporting is done via Jet’s telephone network. All calls are transferred through to your phone system as usual.

Q. Already have a 1300 number?

A. Great bring it along to Jet and view the calls in Jet CallTracker™. If it has been used exclusively on your website then it will be ideal as your ‘default’ dynamic number. See The Dynamic Number™ Implementation Guide for more details.

Q What phone services do we need to transfer to Jet?

A. Simply your 13, 1300 or 1800 numbers. There is no need to move any of your lines, Internet or mobile, etc.

Q. Will this affect our relationship with our current telephone company?

A. Generally not. It obviously depends on if you are in a contract or not (please check first). As 13, 1300 and 1800 numbers are ‘virtual numbers’ that can be easily transferred from one telephone network to another independently of the actual physical lines to your office or phone systems. If you’re present numbers are in a contract then simply order new additional numbers from Jet for your web call tracking.

Q How many keywords can I track?

A. All of them. Traditional methods of call tracking allocate one number per keyword, meaning a lot of numbers to track all your keywords! With Jet, our pool of rotating numbers ensures we track every one of your keywords - with a pool of only a few numbers. Whether it's PPC or Organic, Bing or Google keywords - it doesn't matter, we track them all.

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