Google Analytics Integration

Jet Interactive was not the first company to enter call information into Google Analytics but it has the most advanced, detailed and easy to understand integration in the market.

Jet CallTracker™ can be integrated with Google Analytics™, giving you a clearer idea of the effectiveness of your website.

Advantages of Google Analytics™ Integration

Google Analytic new visitors vs calls

  • All calls and conversions traced to the source and keyword
  • CallTracker preserves all Google Analytics™ data
  • Installation is quick and simple (all we need is your Google Account number)
  • Call outcomes (i.e. sale, enquiry, etc.) and individual dollar value is recorded against goals
  • All data is accessible from one convenient location
  • Call conversion information can be retrieved via Google Analytics™ API

How does it work?

When a call occurs, Jet identifies the individual visitor that has just called your business and inserts this raw information into Google’s own reporting cookie on your site. All the session information, along with the call information, is then uploaded by Google into your Google Analytics™ account. This technique is by far the most sophisticated, yet simplest way to use Google Integration in the world.

Using Jet’s call conversion wrap-up function, the call operator can complete a quick feedback questionnaire using their phone keypad. This provides information regarding the call outcome (i.e. sale or enquiry), sale value, product code and Rep ID.

All call feedback is then converted into raw data and integrated with existing Google Analytics™ statistics. Calls can even be set as conversions and goals (either true-conversions or all calls) within the Google Analytics™ settings.

Keywords vs Calls

Enquire today about Jet CallTracker and improve your impact online.

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