Jet Interactive's Call Reporting

Call Tracker 3.0 is the easiest way to track caller response and monitor market behaviour

Finally, there is a way to gauge the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. Call Tracker 3.0 will provide valuable statistics, including geographic and demographic analysis. You can access daily, annual or live reporting and compare your campaign against national and international standards.

The latest features of Call Tracker 3.0 include:

  • Keyword level report (find out which keywords are resulting in phone calls)
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Heat maps
  • Caller locations
  • Data comparisons with Australian Bureau of Statistics

Call Tracker 3.0 takes only 15 minutes to set-up and requires no additional software or hardware. You can view reports immediately from any web browser, and from smart phones including Blackberry and Apple iPhone.

Call Tracker 3.0 allows you to compare geographic locations, the effectiveness of campaign material and monitor market behaviour. You can use call reporting to identify:

  • Geographic caller locations
  • Peak call times (daily, weekly, monthly, annual, seasonal or campaign duratio
  • What material is generating a higher response
  • Average call duration

Why waste your budget on marketing material which may not be generating caller response?

Call Tracker compares the success-rates of multiple sources, including radio, television, print, online and outdoor material. Key-words can be used to monitor the direct response-rates of separate mediums, allowing you to distribute your budget and resources more efficiently.

Call centre operators can use call reporting to gauge effectiveness and improve productivity. Call Tracker 3.0 will calculate the ratio of calls answered and identify time periods when incoming calls are most congested, to ensure that staff and resources are used effectively.

Most importantly, Call Tracker 3.0 is the only FREE call reporting module in Australia.

Alternatively, call Jet directly on 1300 13 10 13.

Our consultants can provide further information and explain how Call Tracker 3.0 can assist with your next marketing campaign