DoubleClick by Google Integration

Using Jet’s Integration into DoubleClick means you can get your phone call data straight into DoubleClick to make optimising your bidding as effective as possible.

Increase ROI and gain full visualisation of calls in your DoubleClick account to allow bidding rules that will drastically increase phone call conversions.

DoubleClick metric reporting

What does it do?

By getting Jet’s call data into DoubleClick and being able to attribute your phone calls to the keyword, campaign, ad group that drove them, all in the most powerful Bid Management tool you will be able to;

  1. Automate Bid Management based on calls
  2. Correct CPA targets - without digitally generated calls your CPA figures are incorrect. Attributing ecommercce and online forms and emails is just part of the picture
  3. Real time reporting - calls are entered into your DoubleClick the moment the call is completed

Utilising Jet’s Call Conversion Wrap Up or CRM Integration will also enable you to attribute a dollar amount that each of those calls are delivering to you. So that you can focus on bringing in leads that are more likely to convert to a sale.

 DoubleClick Reporting

How does it work?

Using Floodlight Activities;

  1. Jet matches your paid advertising event to a call
  2. This event is reported as a metric that your marketing team can use to set automated decisions on which campaigns are working best
  3. You are able to reduce CPA and increase ROI

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