Call Tracker attribution changes

10 August 2015

We’ve made some changes to the way our calls are attributed in Call Tracker. The changes have allowed the data within Call Tracker to be more consistent with digital marketing norms and will make life easier when comparing data in Call Tracker with other online analytics tools.

What this means is the calls in Call tracker will now be attributed to sources and mediums that are more consistent with the analytics tools you use everyday. These changes are for customers who don’t use manual tags; manual tags will override these sources and mediums Jet will otherwise automatically assign to a call. Some of the main changes are below:

Let's get social

In the past calls generated from a Facebook, Instagram, Google+ visit and many other social media platforms would have been attributed to the referral medium in Call Tracker, which was not incorrect, but not consistent with other online analytics tools. Now if a call comes from a social media platforms, Call Tracker will attribute the call to a medium of social with the source being the domain of the social media platform.

For example if someone clicked through to your website from a Facebook ad and then made a call from one of the dynamic numbers, we would attribute this call to medium = social and source = if this was the callers first website visit. Any call driven from one of the social platforms below will be attributed in this new way:

  • facebook
  • twitter
  • flickr
  • instagram
  • youtube
  • pintarest
  • tumblr
  • linkedin
  • blogspot
  • myspace

Organic search referrals

We’ve added some lesser known search engines to our recognised pool of search engines we attribute to the ‘organic’ medium. This list is the same list Google uses to classify sessions to their organic medium. The result is that common search engines apart from Google, and now less common ones will also be attributed to the ‘organic’ medium, the source will tell users which specific search engine was was responsible for the call. This means you won’t need to look through calls associated to the ‘referral’ medium to find calls from lesser known search engines.

Another change comes in the form of classifying calls from organic Google searches. In the past Jet would assign the source of a call driven by organic search to the exact Google domain that was responsible. For example, calls driven from searches resulting from and would be attributed to the organic medium but the source of each call would be different; one would be source = and source = respectively which was not consistent with industry norms. Call Tracker now buckets calls from organic Google searches into one consistent source: Google.

Displaying display

Considering the changes to organic Google search referral attribution above, it will now make calls from Google Display Network referrals more obvious to find in Call Tracker. If a call results from a visit generated by a display ad click on the Google Display Network Call Tracker will attribute the call to medium = cpc and source = googleadservices

(none) vs direct

A direct visit to a website can be classified in this way:

  1. A visitor who typed your domain directly into the address bar in their browser
  2. Visitors who clicked on a bookmark to get to your website
  3. Visitors who click through from on untagged links from an email or a desktop document

Any phone call that results from these types of visits will be consistently attributed to a medium of ‘(none)’ and a source of ‘(direct)’ which is consistent with Google Analytics reporting among other website analytics tools.

To avoid any confusion we have not updated historical data within Call Tracker, however calls that are generated from now on will be attributed using this new methodology.

Keep in mind there still will be discrepancies between Call Tracker attribution and other reporting tools which is to be expected - however these changes will make things a little easier when comparing data. If you want to avoid any discrepancies in attribution we recommend using one reporting platform for all your analytics - be it Call Tracker, Google Analytics, Adwords, Adobe Analytics or any other tool.

Call us on 1300 10 13 10 or contact us for more information about this new release, or if you want to activate Jet's custom call metrics and dimensions in your Google Universal account!