Call tracking for social

17 October 2014

Make sure your social campaigns are providing a ROI

Social campaigns are a great way to reach segments of your target market and can drive increases in leads and sales. Depending on your industry there is going to be a social network or social networks that are relevant to go to market with brand or product communications. If you’re reading this post, then it’s a fair assumption you are running social campaigns or planning to – so I’ll jump straight into how to track them.

Like all marketing campaigns, the phone call is a conversion often used by prospects to contact businesses but often under-measured too. Luckily it’s pretty easy to attribute phone conversions back to social campaigns using one or both of the methods below:

1. Static numbers

If your LinkedIn ad, Facebook sponsored post or now Instagram photo is encouraging consumers to call directly from the ad without clicking through to your website, then use static numbers. By assigning a unique static number to each social medium or ad, customers of ours can measure phone response directly from these ads.

This works for organic social initiatives too – why not use a specific Facebook number in your Facebook business page to see how many calls your page generates off it’s own juice?

Social tips: Use the Facebook notes page for your next article you post on this network – it essentially allows you to have ‘pages’ on your profile so you friends and followers can find out information easily without going to your website. Other customers have found it very handy to compare call conversion rates from LinkedIn ads versus LinkedIn sponsored content.

LinkedIn call tracking ads

Often social campaigns are encouraging further engagement so include links to the business website. If this is the case for your social ads, then using dynamic numbers on the website will track anyone who calls from your website after viewing an ad on your social network(s) of choice.

2. Dynamic numbers

If you are using our dynamic numbers on your website then chances are you are already measuring calls from social campaigns in Call Tracker (our online reporting dashboard) or Google Analytics. If not, basically dynamic numbers prove what drives consumers to call your business – Adwords, SEO, directories and of course, social networks. Often people engaging with your social ads will visit your website, especially if you give them a reason to in your ads – dynamic numbers will allow you to attribute calls that occur like this back to the responsible ad in your social campaigns.

It’s a good idea to use manual tags on your social links so you can get as much detail as possible on people calling after viewing your ads on social networks. So by using a combination of static and dynamic numbers, along with intelligent tagging you can ensure your budget is being spent on the right audience.

For more information on tagging or anything else mentioned here please contact us.