CRM Integration

11 September 2014

Measure the true impact marketing has on sales!

With the lines between online and offline marketing blurring, and the mobile revolution causing a spike in phone conversions, marketers must be able to tie phone sales back to the responsible marketing initiatives.

Attribute sales revenue to marketing

The Jet Interactive CRM Integration is one of the most powerful tools at marketers fingertips. It means every phone lead can be tied to eventual sales revenue, whether the sale is made on the first call or months later.

No more estimated return on investment or cost per acquisitions.

CRM agnostic

Our CRM works with virtually any CRM system because we know there are a range of them out there. Salesforce, Microsoft, custom CRMs, you name it.

How does the integration work?

We attach our phone lead records to the contact responsible for the phone call. By automatically uploading our data feeds to your CRM system, each contact in your CRM will have their phone lead information attached to their record. Create opportunities, close sales, factor in order values right from the CRM, this time with visibility on which marketing campaign or channel caused them to call in the first place. Run your reports with confidence and understand the full effect your marketing initiatives have on your bottom line.

Each sale and opportunity can be tracked back to the keywords, ads, campaigns and channels responsible for the order.

To learn more about how easy it is to integrate our phone call data with your CRM system contact us.