Jet launches its native Google Universal integration

21 April 2015

We've launched our native Google Universal integration!

Google Universal call tracking integration

Last year we launched a beta integration with Google's new analytics platform. It's been fun, but this release will blow it out of the water. Below are some of the main benefits improvements of this fully compatible integration:

Upgraded integration methodology

Google previously used cookie measurement protocols to track what happens on your website in Google Analytics classic. They've since upgraded their data collection methods by moving away from cookies with Google Universal and we've followed suit. The call information in Universal Analytics will be more accurate and importantly, consistent with Google's new measurement protocol. The change we've made effectively means we're fully compatible with Google's new product - something people familiar with the power of Universal Analytics will be excited to hear!

Custom call dimensions and metrics

One of the great new features of Google Universal is custom metrics and dimensions. Essentially they allow businesses to customise the data they see in Universal Analytics with demographics, segments and other important information relevant for their business that's not usually in Google Analytics. Jet's Custom dimensions will appear in Google Universals standard reports as 'secondary dimensions' and our custom metrics will be available in custom reports if requested (strongly recommended).

What this means for Jet customers, is that you can now measure calls in much greater detail without needing to create numerous phone call goals to measure different 'dimensions' or 'metrics' of calls. Information on each call will be available in custom dimensions and metrics on reports in Analytics once you request it.

  • Call duration
  • Call status
  • Service name
  • Answering point and answering point location
  • Caller location
  • Call type
  • IVR outcome (e.g. showing you sales calls vs service calls)
  • Call Wrap Up values and call outcome
  • Call Conversion page (the page the caller was on when they called)
  • Call Landing page (the page the caller landed on first)
  • Call referrer URL
  • Total calls, Busy calls, answered calls and unanswered calls

This takes online analytics to a new level when comparing these to digital marketing keywords, ads, campaigns, devices and any other metrics available in Google's Universal Analytics you can think of to measure campaign performance.

Goal and event value

Customers assigning a dollar amount to each call using Call Wrap Up will have these figures assigned to each phone call goal and event within Universal Analytics. Comparing true ROI, ROAS and average sales values to online campaigns has never been easier.

What our customers need to do

  1. If you're using Universal Analytics already you don't need to do a thing. You'll automatically be upgraded from our beta integration to our new native Universal integration. Some customers may have existing custom dimensions or metrics setup in Universal Analytics, so we won't activate Jet's custom metrics or dimensions when we upgrade you automatically - so get in touch with us if you want us to enable this feature for you - we strongly recommend it, and it's free of charge if you're already using our integration. You may also want to remove the dummy classic property from your website that you created for our beta Universal integration but this is not essential.
  2. If you are still using Google classic, we recommend upgrading to Universal Analytics. Google won't be supporting classic analytics forever and neither will we. You can upgrade easily through your Google Analytics account - just read what Google have to say first. Then once you've upgraded your account from Classic to Universal let us know so we can upgrade your Jet Google Analytics integration to our newest version.

Please note - if you use the phone call event action to trigger phone call goals in Google Analytics (unusual but not unheard of) please let us know so we can advise a better solution as this will no longer be supported.

Call us on 1300 10 13 10 or contact us for more information about this new release, or if you want to activate Jet's custom call metrics and dimensions in your Google Universal account!