Jet Interactive Named Best Call Tracking Software in Australia by for July 2013

The independent authority on Search vendors in Australia,, has named Jet Interactive the best call tracking software for July 2013.

The independent authority on Search vendors in Australia,, has announced Jet Interactive as the best call tracking software vendor for the month of July 2013. Each month the independent research team evaluates various software solutions and ranks them based on their overall performance and effectiveness. The rankings are released at the start of each month in order to determine which companies produce the best solutions for tracking the source of phone calls in marketing campaigns.

Jet Interactive produces an advanced marketing and business intelligence software for telemarketing communications and call analytics. Their software focuses on assisting companies which engage in marketing in tracking the success of their campaign through phone calls and telecommunications. Their Jet CallTracker software produces a variety of phone numbers for companies while producing real time reporting, missed call notifications, and call recording.

The process for evaluating and ranking the best call tracking software involves an in-depth analysis of the features and functions of each software solution. Call tracking software vendors are also analyzed in order to better understand their internal structure, support processes, and their ability to continue to update and expand their software solutions. Five areas of evaluation are used in order to benchmark and compare various call tracking software solutions in areas including GUI interface, ease of integration, software features, reporting methods, and support.

Customer testimonials and references are often used in order to obtain additional information about various call tracking software solutions being evaluated. Clients are asked about their use of the software, the features most used by their company, and the aspects of the software which they believe to be the best and which aspects could use improvement. Often times clients connect directly with through the commendations and complaints online.

Jet Interactive has been named the best call tracking software solution by the independent research team due to their continued development of the software, their performance in the meticulous evaluation process, and their strong client references. Those looking for effective call tracking solutions should consider Jet Interactive.

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