Kenshoo Integration

20 April 2014

We integrated our call tracking insights with Kenshoo, a leading bid management platform. Now marketers can ensure phone leads are factored into bidding logic to optimise paid search campaigns.

Bid management tools have been highly successful in measuring and optimising paid digital media, resulting in reduced cost per acquisition and return on investment. However, marketers cannot accurately measure this without factoring in how the majority of their customers convert – over the phone.

  • The integration

Developing a bespoke integration between Jet Interactive and Kenshoo, that combined two of the most powerful online analytics and optimisation tools available has led to some massive success stories for our mutual customers. The integration provides;

  1. Phone conversions factored into bidding logic
  2. Every marketing conversion such as calls, forms, emails and e-commerce transactions recorded against your digital media
  3. Easy comparison of campaign and channel success
  4. Total keyword portfolio management


Kenshoo call tracking integration

  • Benefits

When phone calls are factored into a bid management platform, our clients have seen the following benefits;

  1. Increase in phone calls of between 200% and 350%
  2. Huge time savings on campaign analysis
  3. Accurate CPL and CPA measured for every medium and initiative
  4. Maximised ROI through optimised campaigns
  • Why Kenshoo?

Kenshoo is a leading bid management tool that engineers premium solutions for search marketing, social media and online advertising. It is internationally commended and highly supported in Australia.


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