Master account reporting

9 September 2014

Agencies use the master account functionality in Call Tracker to manage multiple clients. Read this post if you want to get some hints on how to automate reports for your clients.

If you are tracking calls for multiple clients with Jet Interactive, you would benefit from setting up a master account (it’s free to do). It’s kind of like Adwords MCC, but for phone calls.

It allows you to see all your clients reports from the one dashboard, and saves you logging in and out of our Call Tracker. You can use the filters in Call Tracker to easily navigate to each clients dashboard.

Call Tracker master reporting

Whitelabelling is another feature of Call Tracker you may not be aware of. You can add your logo to your clients child accounts, and to your master account too. Some agencies find this useful if they have iFramed our login page to their website and sell our products as part of their offering to clients. Read the agency page on our website for more information on what we can offer for marketing agencies reselling our products.

Some of our agencies create custom reports in Google Analytics with phone call conversions (and web conversions), and then schedule automated emails to be sent with their clients with the reports attached. This helps the client regularly see the good work you do for them and keeps your agency top of mind.

Google Analytics call tracking report

If you want to add master account functionality to your Call Tracker dashboards, or are interested in other ways agencies have automated reports from Google Analytics for their clients please get in touch with us.