Tracking click to call with Jet

17 September 2014

Tracking mobile marketing is becoming more and more relevant.

Google conducted research around call conversions and click-to-call from mobile devices and found some really interesting data marketers should be interested in.

  • 79% of people use their smart-phone for help with shopping
  • 74% of mobile shoppers end up making a purchase
  • Almost half these shoppers make the purchase over the phone

We wrote a blog post on why phone leads matter, and Google’s research certainly shows why almost 65% of businesses consider the phone call the most valuable lead.

Click-to-call functionality makes calling businesses from smart-phones even easier due to the one click and connect pattern. Businesses have followed this trend and on their mobile websites most ensure their phone numbers are ‘clickable’.  And let’s not forget the click-to-call functionality of popular search engines like Google’s call extensions, and now becoming more common are banner ads that allow can click-to-call connection to businesses. 70% of smartphone users now use click-to-call to call businesses directly, which is on the increase since 2013 not surprisingly.

Jet Interactive enables those using our call tracking technology to track the customer journey from these clicks including sales made via the phone both on mobile websites, and click to call ads. Our technology displays a unique tracking number for each ‘click to call’ call on the mobile website. We also supply static numbers which many businesses use to measure call extensions and mobile click-to-call banner ads.  Best practice is to use our dynamic number technology on your mobile website, and static numbers for any other mobile click-to-call.

Case in point

One global insurance company using our technology used static numbers to track call response from mobile banner ads on their private health insurance campaigns. They were split testing 3 different banner sizes to see which in-app advertising banners generated the most calls. At first glance it appeared the biggest ad drove the most amount of calls (all ads had click-to-call functionality in the banner ad itself), however after drilling down further it became apparent that these calls were on average under a minute. The large clickable area was driving mis-clicks and skewing marketing lead data.

Based on these findings the marketing team decided to reduce the clickable area of the click-to-call ad, which increased call duration to over 5 minutes on average. In the end they saw that the middle sized ad actually drove significantly higher calls. Needless to say they allocated the rest of the click surplus and budget to those ads and increased phone leads by 30% without increasing spend.

That’s just one example of how our technology drives marketing innovation on mobile devices. For more information on how you can optimise mobile space with call tracking contact us today.