Use our premium features to own the phone

14 September 2014

If you are interested in getting the most out of Jet Interactive services, the premium features we discuss here can supercharge your phone:

Jet Interactive’s call tracking helps marketers understand what makes their phone ring. But the fun doesn’t stop there, we have many additional features and tools that help businesses gain full control of their marketing and phone call handling. If you are interested in getting the most out of your Jet Interactive service, the premium features we discuss here can supercharge your phone:

Call Recording

Activate call recording to gauge true caller intent. There’s nothing like listening to what your customers are saying. It can help with staff training, as well as understanding the real reason consumers call your business after seeing an ad, be it a sponsored Facebook story, Adwords ad or radio campaign. Each call recording has the referring marketing campaign, channel, ad and keyword (in the case of search) so you can find out the types of callers your ads are speaking to and why. We’ve changed our messaging listening to call recordings – you can too.

CRM Integration

Phone lead tracking is great – phone sale tracking is better. You can directly link marketing campaigns to sales conversion rates, won opportunities and revenue gained by integrating phone lead information to your CRM. Then you can see what drove the first call, and if that marketing initiative is driving sales too.


An IVR is where callers are prompted to enter values before  they speak to someone, to better direct their call – and now to track their intent. We can see how many people pressed 1 for sales versus 2 for customer support – and the marketing channels driving each call type. You don’t existing customers driving cost per click figures if they are just looking for your phone number, so if your ad campaigns are driving mainly calls from existing customers you might want to change your keyword portfolio in search or your remarketing tactics for display.

Conversely you want to make sure your campaigns drive sales calls, adding an IVR to our call tracking technology can provide the picture on that.

Missed call email alerts

One of the simplest ways to stop leaking inbound leads. It’s really simple – anytime your business gets a missed call, you get an email sent immediately to your business with the callers number and their voicemail, if they left one.

Call Conversion Wrap Up

Call Wrap Up allows the person who answered the call to classify each call, directly from their keypad after the caller hangs up. These details, like if the call was a sale or a lead, and the dollar amount of the call are added to each call in our tracking platform. This is a great way for businesses that sell on the first phone call to measure marketing success in terms of sales dollars.

Call Whisper

Prepare your call staff better with Call Whispers. They will know what marketing campaign, product or website caused the caller to ring. Marketing agencies also use this feature to re-enforce the amount of phone leads they generate for the client – e.g. “this is a call from Agency ABC”.

Bid management integration

Adwords consultants use our technology to identify high performing keywords, ads and campaigns driving phone calls. They cross reference time of day and geographical trends with ad copy, keyword portfolios and branded and non-branded campaigns (amongst other things) to make sure your search ads get shown to the right person at the right time.

Bid Management platforms automate the scheduling of ads based on historical conversion data. By imtegrating our phone conversions in bid management bidding algorithms, businesses can rest assured their ads have the highest chance of generating a phone lead.

If you are interested in our premium products speak to us today.