Offline Call Tracking

Use Static Tracking Numbers to track phone response from offline advertising. Marketers can track use Static Tracking numbers to track calls from the following marketing sources:

  1. Offline media (e.g. TV, radio, print, outdoor display and direct mail)
  2. Digital off-page sources (any online source not including your own website) like online directories, Google My Business or call extensions

Using our reporting platform,  Jet CallTracker™, marketers can:

  • Optimise media spend based on what works
  • Measure offline marketing campaign success based on phone leads generated
  • Use geographic call insights to geo-target responsive locations
  • Cross reference campaign and geo insights with call duration and conversion data

Using our premium products, businesses can also record each phone call, get missed call notifications and classify the true sales value of each call using Call Wrap Up

Who uses Jet CallTracker?

Jet CallTracker is most commonly used by advertising, marketing and media professionals to measure the effectiveness of any marketing activity that generates calls, including:
  • TV, radio and press
  • Direct mail and emails
  • Total web generated calls
  • Sales Managers and Call Centre Managers also use this product to:
  • Coordinate sales resources and call centre infrastructure
  • Monitor call quality and enhance staff training

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