Jet Interactive allows you to gain instant data regarding which marketing platforms are generating results, converting sales and providing the best return on investment.

We allow businesses of all sizes to track calls, identifying the source of all enquiries and providing insight into the effectiveness of all marketing material.

CallTracker Online Reporting

CallTracker Online Reporting is one of the most sophisticated phone call analytics programs in the world, and has been built from the ground-up in order to report on Australian call data in full-detail. Most importantly, CallTracker Online Reporting is entirely FREE for all Jet Interactive customers.

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Trackable Numbers

Jet can track all marketing and online call activity via, 13, 1300, 1800 and Local Trackable Numbers. Port your existing numbers (local numbers cannot be ported) across to Jet for free or set up new numbers to gain greater detail of every aspect of your marketing activity.

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Jet Call Exporter

This optional feature gives you access to the enriched call and web session information, stored within your CallTracker Online Reporting database.

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Dynamic Numbers

Trace which digital channel is generating calls, including SEO, PPC, AdWords, display, banner, social media, affiliate marketing, referring sites and more. Dynamic numbers also identify high value keywords that are driving phone calls.

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Google Analytics™ Integration – the most sophisticated integration in the world

Using the new plug in, call results recorded by Jet CallTracker can now be viewed in Google Analytics™ in amazing detail and accuracy, making it easier to understand the relationship between online activity and phone calls.

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Google AdWords™ Integration

Google AdWords™ statistics will include call conversions, giving you a greater understanding of what keywords are providing return on investment and allow you to optimise your PPC campaign accordingly.

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Premium Products Overview

Learn how all Jet's Premium call handling products increase call reporting detail. Covers Call Recording, Missed Call Alerts, Live Reporting, IVR and Call Wrap Up.

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Call Recording

This feature allows you to record entire calls on-demand, which can be used to gauge the effectiveness of call centres and levels of customer service. These calls can also be integrated within CallTracker results, for overall review and comparison.

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Missed Call Notifications

The details of callers that have received a busy tone or no answer are emailed to you. This allows you to call them back promptly before you lose a sale. Statistics on missed calls are shown within Online Reporting, allowing you to gauge call capacity and manage call volume more effectively.

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Live Reporting

Reports are usually updated every 24 hours, but Live Reporting is an optional feature that allows updates to be monitored in real-time.

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Full Caller ID

This is a valuable tool for any business or call centre that uses phone numbers for follow-up calls or to establish a marketing database. It compiles a list of phone numbers from successful calls, as long as the caller ID is available.

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Call Conversion Wrap-up

You can now capture the outcome and value of each call made to your business. Once customers hang up, the operator can provide feedback on what outcome was met (i.e. sale, no-sale or enquiry, etc.). These details are then captured and reported on in the Online Reporting.

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Call Whisper

Before the operator answers a call, they can gather where the person is calling from by an audible message that is not heard by the caller. Jet has a selection of pre-recorded announcements or you can record your own.

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IVR Reporting

A Jet IVR is not only a handy way to put customer inquiries through to the right department but they also capture and report on the options chosen. So if a customer presses #1 for Sales then this will be recorded against the call within CallTracker. This allows you to sort calls by customer intention.

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