Static Numbers

What are Static Tracking Numbers?

Static Tracking numbers are used to track phone response from traditional advertising like radio or print ads, as well as online sources like directories or call extensions. We assign a unique static number to each campaign you want to track, so you can make intelligent decisions on your media spend.

  • View results our Online Reporting platform
  • Measure calls per campaign, channel and creative - what works?
  • Cross reference campaign performance with geographical insights to analyse geographical trends
  • View time of day, day of week and monthly trends and compare to call duration for ultimate analysis of your phone leads

When should I use Static Tracking Numbers?

We recommend using Static Tracking Numbers to measure phone response from offline ad campaigns like TVCs, radio campaigns or direct mail pieces. You can even use vanity URLs or unique search terms in the offline creative in conjunction with Dynamic Numbers on your website to see what effect offline media has on online metrics and conversions.

We also recommend using Static Numbers on any online source that isn't your website like Google My Business, call extensions and online directories. That way every call from the world wide web can be attributed to your marketing campaigns and channels.

What type of Static Tracking Numbers do you offer?

We offer 13, 1300, 1800 or local tracking numbers. Use one of these number types to suit your requirements and ensure you are tracking every lead. Or alternatively you can port your existing 13, 1300 and 1800 to Jet for free and use existing inbound numbers to track your marketing initiatives.

Don’t waste more time or money on poor marketing

For more information regarding trackable numbers and CallTracker online reporting, call Jet Interactive directly.