Unique Tracking Numbers

What are they?

Unique Tracking Numbers are telephone numbers allocated to specific advertising or sales channels for the purpose of tracking the calls made to them by businesses customers. Jet can track calls to any number, but the most common type of Unique Tracking Number is usually a 13, 1300 or 1800 number - although Local Trackable numbers have become increasingly popular in recent times.

13,1300 & 1800 vs Local Trackable numbers

13,1300 & 1800 numbers are popular amongst companies that require a single number to centralise customer calls. These numbers can be answered across multiple locations at different times of the day.

Local Trackable numbers look like a regular local number but can also be answered at any location, including a mobile or interstate office, and have the distinct advantage of being 100% trackable via Jet Call Tracker.

Why do businesses use 13, 1300 and 1800 numbers?

13, 1300 and 1800, also known as Inbound Numbers are very simple to set up or migrate from one network to another. They have many user benefits and are popular with callers.

Most importantly they are a great source of caller information.

Inbound Numbers are virtual telephone services because they can be called from any phone in Australia and can be answered at any phone in the country or overseas, regardless of the telephone companies being used by the caller and answering business.

They are truly independent telephone services that have a number of advantages over standard fixed numbers or mobile numbers.

What are the differences between them?

1800 numbers are free to call from any fixed phone line anywhere in Australia. This makes them very popular with callers. If the customer calls from a mobile then they are charged at the applicable 1800 rate set by their mobile provider - usually a timed rate. The owner of the number is charged time rates for all calls.

13 and 1300 numbers cost the caller a flat $0.30 per call from any fixed phone line anywhere in Australia. This still makes them very popular with callers and once again calls made from a mobile are charged at the applicable rate set by their mobile provider - usually a timed rate.

The great advantage for 13 and 1300 owners is that the first 15 minutes of a local call is free, making these services very economical - especially if you are a business with predominately local clientele and a small but growing out of town or interstate customer base.

While the call rates are the same for 13 and 1300 numbers the big difference is a $830 monthly Federal Government levy placed on all 13 numbers. As 13 numbers only have 6 digits they are both easy to remember and rare. The levy has ensured that only large corporations and government departments can afford to use them.

Features and Benefits

13, 1300 & 1800 numbers are popular with both large and small businesses for many reasons

Transportable – unlike regular local numbers inbound numbers are national numbers and do not change when your business location changes;

Answering Point – They can be answered on any phone, including mobile phones, anywhere in Australia and even overseas;

Multiple Answering Points – Single inbound numbers can be answered at multiple places based on a number of rules. Calls can be answered in each state per region if your business has multiple offices;

Company Image – companies that only supply and advertise local numbers are increasingly being perceived as very locally focused and not progressive (harsh but true);

Customer Appeal – Customers like the fixed call rate and dealing with companies that have taken the time to set up and support an inbound number.

Cost for these services

Jet Interactive is a registered telephone company and provides very competitive rates for all call services.

For exact prices contact a Jet Representative.