Business Mobile Numbers

Jet interactives business mobile numbers are a revolution for businesses that provide mobile numbers to staff. Jet’s business mobile through e-SIM allows a second mobile number to be added to any smartphone with full calling and SMS capability. Jet has brought mobile phone numbers into the business phone system. This makes it simple for businesses to re-assign mobile numbers, track activity, set holiday routing and ensure calls are not made from personal numbers.  

Jet's e-SIM

Call Reporting & Logs

Save thousands of dollars every month with no line rental required. Calls are delivered via your existing data connection  bypassing the need for any expensive ISDN lines or SIP trunking.

BYO Device

Staff no longer need to carry a business phone and a personal phone. With jet’s app driven mobile numbers they can staff can keep their existing phone and make calls from a business mobile through our softphone app. 


Jet’s e-SIM business mobile allows users to send and receive SMS to maintain vital business communications that are conducted through messaging

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Transfer Calls

With Jet Interactive  office staff and mobile workers are all on the same platform allowing staff to transfer and conference  call one another regardless of the number type or location

Set Diversions

When staff with a mobile number go on holidays ,  routing can be enabled so that calls and SMS for that staff member get diverted to another member of your team so you don’t miss any calls. Overflow and voicemail can also be set up on any mobile number so your customers can always connect with you

Staff Turnover

Ensure that when staff leave, their calls are diverted to a current member of staff. All contacts and account access can also be disabled remotely.

Business Mobile In Your Phone System

Hosted PBX

Mobile phones have traditionally been outside the control of a business phone system wtih  no central management or ability to transfer calls in or out. Jet’s e-SIM gives total control over mobile numbers. Mobile numbers can be part of IVR, Call Queues, time routing, geographic routing and ring groups. 

Mobile users can also transfer calls in and out as well as take part in and start conferences keeping them connected with all staff members.  


Business Mobile Reporting

Abandonment rate reporting allows you to view the average abandoment rate of calls each day, day of the week, or month against both the total calls along with call duration to allow you to pinpoint exactly where callers are dropping out

Service level reports allow you to understand how quickly your agents are picking up the phone and the affect that has on whether callers abandon or not. You can also view service level with IVR and greeting time included which allows you to understand if complicated IVR’s are turning customers away

The callflow behaviour graph displays how callers interact with your IVR and call queueing through to where calls are answered so you can uncover what the most popular call paths are

Report on the IVR options your customers are selecting. Filter by call status, New or Returning callers, Agent who answered the call and number that was dialled

Report on the marketing source of phone calls. From campaign through to landing page and keyword that is leading to every call. Jet’s marketing source reports allow businesses to track phone calls as a lead.

View all information on inbound calls including callers number, date & time of call, duration, status, phone number dialled, agent who answered. Listen to voicemails or call recordings and export the full data as a csv

View all information on outbound calls including agent who made the call, status of call, duration, date and time of call and the number that was dialled. Export the full data as a csv.

Jet's Business Phone System Features

Sometimes called Auto Attendant or even virtual receptionist, out IVR allows you to divert callers to the correct department at the click of a button. Set caller menus so that customers can be connected with a staff member that can help them as quickly as possible. All managed through Jet’s self-service portal.

Update and maintain your telephone system is seconds not weeks. Full video training is provided so you don’t need any expertise. Update hunt groups, change music on hold, divert incoming calls all from our powerful drag and drop builder.

Make and receive phone calls from anywhere with Jet’s dedicated mobile and desktop softphone apps. Jet’s softphone Apps are the business communication tools of today to keep your business running while working remotely, on the road or in the office.

Configure custom voicemail messages that are delivered straight to your inbox. Use voicemail with our Time of day routing to set a dedicated after-hours voicemail.

Enable call queueing and hold up to 100 concurrent callers at a time. Customise queue strategies, ring groups, hunt groups, music on hold and queue escape options to ensure you can provide the best experience for your callers

Start a call conference and dial in up to 7 attendants at a time

Transfer calls internally to colleagues or externally to any phone number. Warm or attended transfers are made simple by automatically placing the caller on hold when you hit transfer and giving the option to call first.

Set up your business hours or configure call rosters with time of day routing. Jet’s flexible time of day routing allows you to create an after-hours IVR so you can still handle emergency calls, while receiving a voicemail for the calls that can wait. Time of day routing will kick in automatically when set up so you don’t have to change it over every day

Quickly enable or change custom greetings. Simply upload an MP3 file to make changes

Best in class business phone system reporting. Understand the handle time, abandonment rate, how quickly calls are being answered and listen to call recordings all on our real-time dashboards. Use this information to more effectively manage your calls and get the most out of your business phone system

Record inbound calls for staff training. Listen to calls as immediately through our reporting dashboard. Filter by department, agent who handled the call, caller number, date and time

Get notified about the nature of a call before answering through a call whisper. Give your agents a helping hand when receiving calls.

Use Jet’s e-SIM mobile to send and receive SMS from a business phone number without needing to purchase a dedicated mobile device. e-SIM allows you to add a second mobile number to any smartphone and brings mobile phone numbers back in the control of your PBX. Add mobile numbers to IVR, Call Queues, Set diversions and time of day routing