Call Centre Software &
Advanced Telephony Features

Call Centre built natively in your CRM

  • Pop Screen

    Present caller details within the CRM to agents before the call is answered by them. Information, such as previous conversations, case history, marketing information and the web page your caller is looking at, can all be provided to enable agents to have more efficient and meaningful conversations with callers, which improve customer experience.

  • Dynamic Marketing Routing

    Route calls to agents with the most appropriate skill sets by understanding which products or campaigns customers have been viewing before calling you.

  • Contextual Recording

    Listen to call recordings straight from a contact or record within your CRM and understand the marketing that has driven that call, giving you more insight into why conversations happen.

  • Call Tracker

    With two way sync between CALLTRACKER ™ and your CRM, you will be able to view exactly which marketing has driven each conversation and understand the sale result of those calls. This also allows you to see sale, account, and opportunity data from within your favorite web analytic and optimisation tools, such as Google Analytics and DoubleClick. When you learn what drives the highest value sales, you can then make informed decisions about which marketing campaigns to assign budget to.

  • Click to Cash Reporting

    Gain a full view of reporting from the very beginning of your customers’ interactions with each piece of marketing, including the keywords they clicked on, through to how they contacted you, which agents they spoke to, for how long, and the products they bought.

  • Interactive Call Queueing

    Queue callers effectively and flatten peak periods of volume with the ability for callers to hold their place in the queue and get a call back when they are at the front, or choose a more convenient time for a call back.

  • Visual IVR

    Build data driven IVRs that are relevant to the customer who is calling, meaning you will always be presenting callers with the right options. IVRs can also be presented visually to callers on their mobile phone improving customer experience and making sure that customers are always connected to the correct department.

  • CSAT Surveys

    Gather customer feedback with customer satisfaction surveys and identify areas of your call centre that can be improved upon.

  • Predictive Dialer

    Use our predictive dialer to enhance the success of outbound campaigns. With the ability to call lists straight from your CRM with no manager interaction required, as well as automatic voicemail drop, answer machine screening, time zone and number type best call times, and local number presence, our predictive dialer can increase productivity by 300% and only connect agents through to live calls, leaving more time for actual sales activity.

  • Click-to-Dial

    Click-to-dial contacts straight from your CRM, save time dialing phone numbers and always connect with the correct number while never leaving the CRM environment.

  • Configuration Manager

    Configure and make changes online without any need for IT support. Supervisors and administrators have the power to configure call flows, IVRs , queues and dialling lists, secure transaction processing, and post call surveys from an easy to use drag and drop interface.

  • PCI - DSS Compliant Payment

    Securely take credit card payments over the phone with Level 1 payments solutions to protect against credit card fraud with the highest level of payment security.

  • Manage Multiple Channels

    Allow agents to manage conversations and view customer interactions across multiple communication channels, and understand more about individual customer behaviour while gaining a deeper understanding of the callers needs as soon as they pick up the phone.

  • Agent Collaboration

    Agents can communicate within their team and with management from within their dashboard using the built-in chat feature.

  • Agent Desktop

    Easy to use agent desktop with single sign-on and custom call scripting agents can manage multiple channels, including calls, email, tweets, SMS, facsimile & chat.

  • Monitoring

    staff the call centre while maintaining quality standards. Managers have the ability to listen in on live calls, coach agents through Whispers or Barge In, and take over calls when necessary.

  • Data Based Email Routing

    Interpret the content of incoming emails to route to the best agent with the correct skill set.

  • Unified Customer Interaction Record

    Give agents a complete view of previous email threads to organise, assign and prioritise emails.

  • Auto Suggestion

    Take workload from agents by sending automatic replies based on email content with relevant suggestions and knowledgebase articles.

  • Escalation Rules

    Notification of escalation and follow-ups triggered to help achieve SLA targets and provide specialised handling for priority customers.

  • 100% Web-Based Email Management

    Remote and easy administration, receive, parse, route and respond to high volumes of customer emails.

  • Template Library

    Empower agents with the right answers consistently. Help agents to respond to new or unique issues by automatically suggesting possible answers.

  • Knowledge Base

    Increase agent productivity with access to Knowledge Base.

  • Live Chat

    • Text chat

      Text chat window that can be displayed on demand whenever agents are available. Access to Knowledge Base, establish multi website chat queues and allow web page push for agents to open product details or other helpful information in your visitors’ browser.

    • Video

      Use video chat for higher engagement with customers and offer face-to-face customer service. Decrease handling time for complex issues and improve sales.

    • Text chat

      Text chat window that can be displayed on demand whenever agents are available. Access to Knowledge Base, establish multi website chat queues and allow web page push for agents to open product details or other helpful information in your visitors’ browser.

    • Click-to-Call

      Turn live chat into a phone call with a single click, making customer service more efficient and maximising sales leads.

    • Co-browse

      Redirect your visitors to the right web page. Chat conferencing allowed between agents, supervisors, and customers in the middle of a session.

    • Conference or Transfer

      Conference in or transfer chat to other online agents for escalation.

    • Canned Responses

      Access to canned responses to improve agent consistency and efficiency.

    • Escalation Rules

      Only display available agents so that customers always receive a timely response.

    • Proactive chat

      Examine customer behaviour and proactively offer assistance to customers to deliver the right chat invitations to customers who need it.

    • Channel Pivoting

      Switch from chat to email, social or voice for seamless customer experience across channels.

  • Customer Feedback

    End of chat survey to gain customer feedback, leverage web analytics data, survey and forms to increase engagement and conversion rate.

  • Web Callback Routing

    When a website visitor submits a form, including a telephone number, our APIs automatically populate that number in a list within the Vocalcom dialer for an immediate call back to the visitor, and a live conversation with an agent. Improve productivity and increase sales by translating website visits directly to live conversations. Leads responded to within five minutes are 100 times more likely to be contacted and 21 times more likely to be qualified than those who are not.

  • Targeted Offers

    Deliver personalised messages and offers anywhere on your site. Create personalised experiences for customers based on previous interactions that drive higher sales.

  • Geo Location Map

    Understand location of prospects and customers to allow more targeted messaging for their online experience.

  • Visual IVR

    Instead of traditional voice-driven automated service, customers can opt for IVR menus to be displayed visually within mobile and web applications, without listening to endless menus and struggling with voice recognition. Visual IVR, whether it’s through a website or mobile app, is a great way to eliminate customer dissatisfaction.

  • No Wait on Hold

    Rather than wait on hold, a customer can click within a company's mobile or web application to request a return call from an agent. Call state information: agent wait times, queue position and other contact centre data can be pushed to the customers’ smartphone, tablet or desktop computer. So they can request a call-back and avoid hold time with one tap on their smartphone.

  • Proactive Service Notification

    Notify customers about account information or present personalised offers straight to their mobile.

  • Sentiment Feedback

    Tap into the voice of the customer by capturing real-time data and feedback at the conclusion of an interaction.

  • Social Media Management

    Allow agents to manage social media conversations from their Agent Desktop:

    • Post offers directly to customers’ timelines
    • Respond to customer queries on your social media platforms
  • Twitter Social Selling

    Identify Twitter conversations, regarding your product or industry, and push relevant offers to prospects in real time.

  • Agent Assistance

    Increase agent efficiency with pre-approved responses for commonly asked questions and suggested next best actions.

  • Supervisor Display

    Observe and coach agents with a built-in real time supervisory display.

  • Rules Engine

    Rules engine to automatically tag posts based on priorities that you define. Route posts to agents or agents’ groups so that the most effective response can be delivered.

  • Social Media Monitoring

    A single view of your customer activity across all social media platforms.

  • Social Media to Website

    Identify visitors on your site who have come from social media and offer personalised chat messages.

  • Analytics & Reporting

    Jet Interactive offers the most advanced contact centre reporting for social customer care. It provides over 25 out-of-the-box reports with the most popular metrics for adhering to service level agreements and offering brand insights.