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Call Centre built natively in your CRM

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Unique architecture

Jet Interactive’s unique architecture leverages all of the features from basic cloud telephony to the most advanced call centre software. It is built within Salesforce natively, and with out-of-the-box integrations into SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Zendesk and many other CRMs. This allows you to have the most advanced call centre features, such as:

Contextual marketing and caller information appears in a pop screen without the lag of CTI

Automatically route calls to the agent with the best skill set for a certain product by analysing which page of the website callers come from

Automatically route calls to agents based on previous interactions in your CRM

Blended marketing analytics and call statistics to allow call centre managers to accurately predict staffing requirements

The advantages of integrating Call Tracker + Telephony + CRM
  • Pop screen
    Callers’ details presented within CRM before call is answered.
  • Dynamic marketing routing
    Calls routed automatically by marketing source.
  • Contextual recording
    Calls listed against contact activities within CRM and marketing source.
  • Call tracker
    Two way sync. Not just call source but call outcome data is brought back to all marketing tools, i.e. Google Analytics, Double Click, Adobe, etc.
  • Click to cash reporting
    Measure everything from the first customer click through to an individual sales representative sale.
Best of breed Cloud Call Centre
  • Predictive dialer
    300% productivity increase for outbound call campaigns.
  • Click to dial
    Click on any onscreen phone number to call.
  • Monitoring
    Listen and interact with live calls.
  • Interactive Call Queuing
Key advantages of Cloud Telephony
  • No infrastructure or hardware
  • Redundancy
    Disaster recovery.
  • Flexibility
    Answer and make calls anywhere you have internet and on any device.