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Supercharge Your Business with Our Call Tracking Software

Understand the customer journey from first click to purchase by digitally tracking calls.

Do you know which marketing activities lead to sales calls?

With Jet Interactive you can track your customers’ journeys from the marketing initiative through to the phone call and beyond.

Capture information about every call that feeds directly into your reporting software including Google Analytics.

How it works/Benefits

Our call tracking software uses dynamic telephone numbers to give you complete data on your marketing activities. Understand your customers better, optimise marketing campaigns, and maximise ROI.

Call Recording

Optional call recording capabilities so you can listen to each call after it’s over.

On-Page Digital Tracking

Track and report for every visitor to your website that calls your business.

Off-Page Digital Tracking

Use call tracking numbers in TV, radio, and mail advertising to measure effectiveness.

Different Types of Numbers

Track using traditional inbound numbers such as 1300 and 1800 numbers along with local numbers and Australian mobile numbers.

Live Reporting Dashboard

Jet Call Tracker is updated in real-time. You and your agents can see what marketing drove the call as you answer.

Google Analytics Integration

Our sophisticated integration helps you seamlessly merge your call tracking data within your Google Analytics.

Our Call Tracking Plans

Free Call Plan

$ 5
/number pm
  • 1300, Local or Mobile Call Tracking numbers
  • Free Jet Reporting
  • Jet Direct Connect
  • Set Up Included
  • GA4 and dynamic number plugin $40

Pay Per Call

$ 5
/number pm
  • Calls 6c and 4c per min to Mobile and Fixed lines respectively
  • 1300, Local or Mobile Call Tracking numbers
  • Free Jet Reporting
  • Answered on Aus Local and Mobile Numbers
  • $150 Set Up
  • GA4 and dynamic number plugin $40

Free Call Bundle 3

$ 25
  • Unlimited Free Calls
  • 3 X 1300, Local or Mobile Call Tracking numbers
  • Free Jet Reporting
  • Jet Direct Connect
  • $100 Set Up
  • GA4 and dynamic number plugin included

Pay Per Call Bundle 3

$ 55
  • Calls included
    (Subject to fair use)
  • 3 X 1300, Local or Mobile Call Tracking numbers
  • Free Jet Reporting
  • Calls can be answered on both your Jet App or Phone or Aus Fixed Number or Mobile
  • $100 Set Up
  • GA4 and dynamic number plugin included
Need more phone numbers? Contact us for pricing on larger bundles. 

Optimise Your Marketing ROI with Call Tracking

Start optimising marketing initiatives that will drive calls and sales to your business. Request a demo or free trial from one of our specialists.

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Jet Interactive works with some of the biggest organisations in Australia.

Client Testimonials

“Call tracking software - simplified. The ability to use a 100% Australian based call tracking that accurately tracks the origin and location of the call effectively.”
“Intuitive UI, great product. Several clients required easy to use call tracking to monitor marketing sources of phone calls. This allowed them to more efficiently allocate as spend and saved a great deal of money while improving quality of leads.”


The live reporting dashboard will equip your team with real-time data about each call. This includes the caller’s keyword search, the clicked ad, its source and medium, the landing and conversion pages, caller’s location, and more.


While almost all businesses can take advantage of Call Tracking reporting some business types make greater advantage when they used this advanced solution to track phone calls.

We find that businesses within finance, auto, insurance and education generate the most calls. Businesses where customers do a large level of researching online before calling but are ordering a complex product tend to suit call tracking.

Still have questions?

Talk to our  expert team who can discuss all of the features and walk you through the process of how our call tracking software works.