Jet Increases Call Conversions by 249%

Jet Interactive & Open Universities Case Study

This case study showcases how a collaboration of 2 enterprise analytics tools — Jet Interactive and Marin Software — helped Open Universities Australia more than double its phone leads without increasing their search budget.

249% more phone leads. Zero increase in search budget!

The Problem

Open Universities Australia is Australia’s leading online education providers, teaching some 170 undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications to 60,000 students. It conducts an enormous amount of web marketing. But, although the organisation could track click-through and form submissions, it had no visibility of how many phone calls their web marketing actually generated. Knowing they had a large quantity of untracked phone leads, they approached Jet Interactive.

The Solution

The solution was to implement Jet Interactive’s call tracking technology onto Open Universities Australia’s website, to prove which digital marketing initiatives, keywords and campaigns were responsible for these phone leads, in order to optimise digital investment. Open Universities Australia can now determine when, where and why customers chose to call. This allows:

Accurate lead attribution
Phone response tracked back to the online advertisement and digital media responsible for generating the call.

Online marketing optimization
Accurately identifying high-value keywords and mediums generating calls allowed for intelligent online investment and maximum return on advertising spend.

Jet Interactive CEO Justin Graham says: “using our UA and Marin Software integration, they now have full visibility of the actual web visitor that generated each call, and automated the optimisation of all their digital media using this information.“

Closing the loop

By integrating Jet’s call insights with Marin Software, a leading bid management tool that automates bidding decisions based on conversion data and visitor trends — Open Universities Australia could alter bids based on every inbound lead metric in real time — online enquiry forms, e-commerce transactions and now phone calls. The integration allowed for:

  • the desktop website (
  • the mobile website (
  • directly from mobile search ads (click-to-call)
  • directly from free Google Places business listings

The media sources for all calls were also tracked and categorised as follows:

Phone conversions factored into keyword bidding logic

Total campaign management control

Easy analysis of search campaign

“Jet Interactive provided proactive support and guidance throughout this implementation,” says Louie Scarpari, Online Experience and Marketing Manager at Open Universities Australia.

The Results

This unprecedented view of customer acquisition across devices and contact methods enabled Open Universities Australia to ensure every keyword, campaign, dollar and click counts. Allowing for a 249% increase in phone leads year-on-year with no increase in search spend

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