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Get the most out of your Call Centre.

Staff resourcing is listed as one of the biggest problems faced by call centre managers
Poor integrations into CRMs lead to poor user experience and frustration by agents
Deliver better customer experience, improve agent experience, and manage call centre resources more efficiently.
Agents with inadequate information about a caller are four times less likely to get a first call resolution
There is a direct relationship with long hold times and poor NPS scores

Jet INTERACTIVE's Call Centre Software

Jet tracks which ads, campaigns, channels and keywords drive calls to your business
Jet Interactive uses this information to route calls to the most appropriate agents without the need for complex IVRs
Flatten peaks in call volume and reduce wait times with the ability for customers to save their place in the queue and receive a call back
We pop screen your agents with relevant information about what has driven the call and historical customer information with our native CRM integrations
Build predictive dialing lists and click-to-dial straight from your CRM to increase agent efficiency
Use blended marketing analytics and call statistics to allow call centre managers to accurately predict staffing requirements
Gain control over call flows with your call centre software built natively within your CRM with an easy to use drag and drop interface

Manage Resources

Combine marketing analytics along with agent call handling time to allow the correct allocation and prediction of resources required.

Empower Agents

Calls can be routed to the appropriate agent based on live marketing information such as web page open, keyword, social media comment etc.

Dynamic Skills Based Routing

See what marketing drove the phone call before agents even answer.

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