For marketers

Track phone sales against marketing activities.

Inbound phone calls generate higher value sales over any other type of lead
77 % of adults say they are interested in getting help from a real person before making a purchase
Without Jet's call tracking there is no way to understand the true ROI of marketing campaigns.
80% of website visitors would prefer to pickup the phone rather than fill out a form
The average website generates 3 times as many phone leads compared with web forms or email enquiries

Jet INTERACTIVE's Call Tracking

Jet tracks which ads, campaigns, channels and keywords drive calls to your business
Jet Interactive tracks the outcome of these calls through our CRM integrations or Call Wrap-Up
Jet Interactive matches the outcomes of calls with the marketing that drove the call
Customers gain full reporting on the marketing that has led to sales giving access to true ROI

Optimise Marketing Spend

Optimise marketing spend by using Jet Interactive's call tracking to make more informed decisions on which marketing activity is actually working.

Get more quality phone leads

Spend more on ads that you know are going to get you high quality leads and are more likely to convert.

Improve ROI

Use Jet Interactive's end-to-end reporting to understand which campaigns deliver the highest ROI.

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