Full call attribution through Google’s product suite.

With Jet Interactive Call Tracking, you can see all valuable calls from all digital sources, including paid search, AdWords, banner ads, social media, referral traffic, email, organic search and direct traffic, within Google’s marketing and analytics tools.

Only Jet Interactive can provide a preconfigured suite of reports along with a dedicated call section tab for all calls embedded within all your accounts across all Google products. Have your call data integrated instantly – Jet Interactive provides instant activation within seconds; all integrations are configured seamlessly when you create your Jet Interactive account.

Google Enterprise Suite

Jet Integrates into Google’s enterprise 360 suite:

Google Analytics 360

View your calls natively in Google Analytics 360

Google Tag Manager 360

Roll out call tracking efficiently

Google Optimize 360

Use Jet’s call data in Google’s A/B testing platform

Google Attribution 360

Understand full attribution touch points that lead to phone calls

Google Audience Center 360

View your phone calls in Google’s data management platform that collects and organises all your data sources