1300 Numbers On The Jet hub Platform

Improve the presence of your brand with Jet’s 1300 numbers. 

Give your business a national presence, a professional image and take control of caller experiences through Jet Hub.


Why Choose A 1300 Number?

National Presence

For a simple national number, most businesses choose 1300. If you want your business to gain customers from anywhere in Australia having a consistent phone number that is advertised nationwide can be beneficial. Making a 1300 number perfect for large and small businesses alike.

Shared Call Cost

1300 Numbers provide your customers a cost-effective way to call your business. Unlike with 1800 Numbers, When a customer calls a 1300 number, they pay a flat fee per call if they are normally on per minute rating, or they will have the call included if they are on an unlimited plan with their provider. This results in a cheaper per minute call rate to the business.

Phone Words

Phone words spell out your company name or can simply be an attractive easy to remember sequence of numbers. Jet will work with you to select the perfect phone word for your business and will ensure that you follow the correct process to ensure that your business is the owner of your phone word 1300 number


Inbound numbers can be used to answer calls at a national call centre, a regular office phone, Jet’s Business Phone system, your mobile number or a live answering service. With Jet’s self-management portal, switching between your answering points is simple and takes a couple of minutes.

1300 Numbers

Why Choose Jet Interactive?

1300 Number reporting

The Jet Hub Platform

All 1300 and 1800 numbers with Jet come with access to the Jet Hub platform. This is your online telephone management portal that gives you access to your inbound numbers, phone system, reporting and is where you and phone lines

Advanced Features

Jet’s unique inbound number platform allows for additional features for your incoming calls. These include call routing such as time based routing or geographic routing, Call recordingBusiness Voicemail, Caller Greetings or even advanced features such as IVR, Auto Attendant or Postcode Routing.

Jet’s ability to include features on 1300 Numbers allows businesses that are not ready or are unable to switch phone systems to solve complex telephony issues within Jet’s platform.

Advanced Call Reporting

Jets phone numbers and services come standard with our advanced reporting. Inbound Numbers will report on the volume of calls, repeat callers, duration of calls, call status, time and date of the call and callers number.

Jet also has advanced reporting such as our IVR & Auto-attendant reporting, Callflow behaviour charts along with marketing source reports for call tracking customers and call management reports for our phone system customers.

Jet's 1300 Number Difference

Fantastic Call Rates

When you purchase a 1300 number from Jet your number will be on one of the largest inbound number networks in Australia. With thousands of numbers and millions of minutes of calls being processed Jet is able to provide the best rates in Australia.

If you take advantage of Jet’s Business Phone system, the rates to a 1300 number are even better. Jet’s Cloud Mobile or Business Phone System App allows you to take calls from a 1300 number at a mobile phone for as little as $0.03 per min.

Local Support

Jet is a 100% Australian owned company with our entire support team located in Australia. We have an in-depth understanding of the Australian telephony landscape, geographic routing and phone numbers. When is comes to solving your telephone and routing problems, the Jet team are second to none.

Callflow Builder

1300 Pricing

Jet’s 1300 Numbers come at a low monthly price and a simple set of call rates. Additional features can be added for those who need them


1300 External

Answer a 1300 number on your landline or mobile
$ 3
  • 1300 Number
  • $0.10 Per Minute Calls*
  • Jet Hub Access
  • Standard Inbound Reporting

1300 To JetPhone

Answer a 1300 number on your Jet Phone System
$ 3
  • 1300 Number
  • $0.03 Per Minute Calls*
  • Jet Hub Access
  • Standard Inbound Reporting

Advanced Features

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Jet will port across your existing 1300 numbers so that you don’t have to change them. You can also take advantage of Jet’s porting expertise and know how. 

Standard setup can take as little as a couple of hours. Since our system is 100% cloud based we can configure your account and get you logged in quickly.
Jet’s customer support team is 100% Australian based with expert knowledge of the Jet phone system and Australian telephony. Jet also offers a comprehensive help centre with video training modules on how to use Jet’s systems.
Jet provides our services on month to month contracts. There are no lock in periods or minimum terms. We are confident that once you start using Jet and experience the difference you won’t want to change.

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