Jet reporting

Jet Interactive Call Tracker™ Online Reporting is one of the most sophisticated phone call analytics programs in the world.

Jet Reporting

Report on phone call data for both session tracking and offline tracking numbers. View call data in full detail, measure calls by source, medium, campaign, keyword, and offline channel. Listen to call recordings within the dashboard or download recordings as MP3s.

Key Features

  • Built from the ground up to report on call data in full detail
  • Consists of over 50 marketing and telephony reports, across eight dashboards
  • Geo Map Tracking - heat map of calls based on the location of callers
  • Filters
  • Graphs and tabular data format
  • Export all reports to Microsfot Word, Microsoft Excel, CSV and PDF
  • Entirely FREE for all Jet customers


  • Lead attribution - medium, source, campaign and keywords
  • Page optimisation
  • Custom insights
  • Close the loop - phone leads to conversions

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