Call Recording


Instantly evaluate the quality of calls from different media channels

While Jet CallTracker™ provides you with all the raw data you could need, there are certain things that can only be gauged by listening to the phone call itself.

Call Recording

Call recording offers instant feedback on:

  • Caller reaction
  • Quality of customer service
  • The caller’s initial expectations
  • Call outcome

Jet CallTracker gives you the option to record and review entire calls, so you can compare the quality of calls generated from different media types.

Gauge the quality of your customer service

While raw data can be helpful when reviewing the overall productivity of your call centre, call recording is the only method for gauging the quality of individual calls. It can also be used as a valuable training tool, allowing you to replay calls instantly and identify problem areas.

What is the installation process?

Call recording happens on Jet’s telephone network, which means that there is no need to install equipment or upgrade phone systems. Recordings are integrated into your CallTracker Online Reporting dashboard. You simply click on the call of interest and listen over your computer speakers or headphones. Recordings can be downloaded and saved or emailed.
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