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Build a business phone systemin the cloud in just minutes

No coding or IT professionals needed.

Control and order all your inbound, outbound and business local telephone numbers.

Add and change Ring groups, call queues, call flows, messages,
recording and IVRs with a click of a button. No coding, no programmers or IT resources. Set up a business telephony system within minutes

What Jet Hub controls?

Jet Hub

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Visual Voicemail

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Call Reporting & Analytics

Jet really sets itself apart from the competition with its suite of reporting products that cover everything from what marketing is driving inbound calls through to call flow and agent reports.

Phone System Reporting

Inbound call analytics show which offer, creative and keyword drove each call generated by your Google Ads campaign.

 Measure the effectiveness of all other parts of your digital marketing such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Bing and automated marketing and bid management platforms.

Callflows Cloud Phone System

Call Flow and Agent Call Reports

Besides what drives the call through to your business, the next most important thing is the customer experiences. These are largely determined by how each call moves throughout your organisation.

Call Flows can be quickly set up and changed via your Jet Hub account but first you need to understand both how your customers and staff are interacting through your phone network.

Callflow Builder


Build and manage IVRs, Call Queuing,Geographic and Time & Day Routing

Call Flow Builder is the quintessential Jet tool. It is the number one reason that IT&T professionals, call centre managers and small business owners all come to Jet Interactive.

This easy to use visual tool allows you to build in minutes sophisticated IVRs, Call Queues and inter office communications.

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Interactive Voice Response
- Auto Attendant

The commonly referred to IVR (Interactive Voice Response) or Auto Attendant as it is also called has been in existence since touch tone phones were rolled out globally in the 1980s.

Once only used within large organisations, call centre and contact centres IVRs have become increasingly cheaper and are commonly used within medium to small businesses. Despite reduction in prices and advances in technology they remain time consuming and expensive to establish requiring IT professionals and coding. The result is an IVR that does not evolve with customer and business needs and it is too expensive and time consuming to update.

Call Queue

CALL Queues

Build and create the most powerfulCall Queues within seconds not weeks

Call Queues are vital for a positive customer experience. Without them it is impossible to manage call levels at peak times with the number of staff you have to answer the phone.

 While no customer likes to stay in a call queue the alternative of having the phone call get a busy or engaged signal or ringing out is far worse. And if the customer does not have the time to hold on to speak to an operator a well designed call queue has the ability to take messages or even  organise a call back

Geographic Routing


Answer call based on
the geography of the caller

There are a number of reasons why the geography of the caller is important to know when you are running a business.

For some franchise-style business, calls are required to divert to the nearest store. Businesses may also be in a situation where an offer or price is different depending on the location of the caller. Jet can set geographic routing on any number based on City, Town, Region or State within Australia.

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