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Add and remove phone numbers from your Jet Business Phone System with a click of a mouse. No need to put in orders with telcos and wait weeks for installation.

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As a reliable and effective phone number management service for your phone system, Jet Interactive will cover all your complex needs. At Jet Interactive, we understand the importance of efficient call routing, tracking, and reporting, and we offer a range of advanced solutions to help you achieve your goals. From purchasing and allocating numbers to configuring advanced call routing options: our experienced team will help you improve your phone system and your customer experience.

What type of numbers can be ordered?


Fixed Business Numbers

Choose from every Town, City and State in Australia and New Zealand


Australian and New Zealand Mobile Numbers

Call Queue

13, 1300, 1800 and 0800 numbers are available

Number Management Made Simple

Top features of Number Management System

Phone Number Selecting Process

Choose the number that suits your business

Number types

The three distinct types of numbers in Australia are Inbound, Local and Mobile. Australia also have special numbers called smartnumbers or phone words

Inbound Numbers

Inbound numbers are 13, 1300 and 1800 in Australia and 0800 in New Zealand. They are called inbound as they are designed to direct calls into a business. And they cannot be used to make outbound calls. All outbound calls can only be from Local Business Numbers or Mobile numbers.

Local Numbers

Local numbers are traditionally geographically specific numbers. These numbers are normally from a specified region i.e numbers beginning with 02 9812 will be from Sydney.  Jet’s number management allows you to select a local number regardless of location.

Mobile Numbers

Mobile numbers don’t vary throughout the country. Jet’s mobile numbers can be used on our cloud mobile products. This allows all mobile numbers to also be managed through the Jethub portal.


Smart Numbers

Sometimes called phone words, these numbers will spell out your business name and are easier to remember. They are available from ACMA’s the numbering system. Once bought these numbers can be activated on the Jet Network and then managed within your Jet Number Management system.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are three main types of telephone numbers in Australia: 13, 1300 and 1800 numbers. Each type of number has its own unique features and benefits.


13, 1300 numbers cost a flat untimed 30c when they are called from a fixed line number from anywhere within Australia. This is a legislated fixed line rate within Australia. If they are called from a mobile then they are charged at the rate set by the caller’s individual mobile plan. These rates are not legislated so mobile providers can charge what they want.


13 numbers are only 6 digits (ie 13 XXXX) where 1300 numbers are 10 digit (ie 1300 XXX XXX). As 13 numbers are easier to remember and rarer the government places an annual $8200 fee on them. As a result, 1300 numbers are far more popular.


1800 numbers are free to call from a fixed phone number from within Australia. As with 13 and 1300 numbers calls from mobile phones are charged at the rate set by the caller’s individual mobile plan.

No, Jet’s cloud mobile provides you with a virtual mobile number. This will work via any internet connection just like a traditional VOIP business line. 

Jet’s number management is located within your Jethub portal. Every Jet account comes with free access to Jethub and the number mangement.

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