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call queues

Call Queues are vital for a positive customer experience. Without them it is impossible to manage call levels at peak times with the number of staff you have to answer the phone. While no customer likes to stay in a call queue the alternative of having the phone call get a busy or engaged signal or ringing out is far worse. And if the customer does not have the time to hold on to speak to an operator a well designed phone queue system can take messages or even organise a callback.

Install and integrated
Install and integrated within your Jet business phone network with a click of a mouse
100% in the cloud
Compatible with all your
Jet Phones including Jet Cloud Mobile

Improve Your Customer Service with Jet Interactive's Dynamic Call Queue Management System

Need an innovative and dynamic solution to improve your business’s customer service? Our call queues system is what you need!

In today’s fast-paced world, where customer satisfaction is critical, having an efficient phone queue system is a must-have for any business. At Jet Interactive, we understand that waiting on hold can be frustrating for customers. That’s why we have created the best systems for call queues to provide a seamless experience for your customers and make your employees’ lives easier.

Manage Your Customer Calls Easier with our Phone Queue System

The Jet Interactive call queue management system offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it easy to set up, configure and manage. It provides real-time monitoring, so you can keep track of your call queues and make informed decisions to improve your customer service.

Our state-of-the-art system offers intelligent call routing, so your customers will be directed to the needed department or agent with the appropriate skills to help them efficiently. The system can handle high call volumes, allowing you to manage peaks and troughs in demand, ensuring that your customers get answers quickly and professionally.

Choose Jet Interactive as your powerful Cloud Mobile solution and enjoy its flexible features! With its IVR system and other features, you can customise it to your business needs. How? By providing customers with self-service options for their inquiries or transactions or setting up customised messages and music to play while customers are on hold, they know that you value their time and are doing everything possible to assist them.

Make a change for your business with the Jet Interactive call queue management system. It will improve customer service, increase efficiency, and help your business grow! Need help? Contact us to learn more about how we can help you boost your customer service!


The basics to cover any business

Ring Strategy

Ring Strategy

1. Preset – Define each extension and the order the called
2. Round Robin – Each new call will go to the next extension on your list
3. Simultaneous – All extensions will call at once

Music on Hold

Music on Hold

Your choice of music or audio.


The Call Queues are shown within all major reports including Call Flow and Total Calls reports.

Leave a message

Leave a message

Give customer the ability to leave a message
instead of holding on. 


Call Whisper announcements can be delivered to your operators indicating what options the caller pressed in your IVR or even what marketing number they called.
Position Announcement


Seamlessly introduce more agents to answer calls throughout the duration of a call, to ensure that you keep wait times short and reduce abandoment

Period Announcement

Period Announcement

Drop in additional audio a message over the top of your
on hold music.

Ask for a call back

Ask for a call back

as well as leaving a message you can specifically
organise a call back.

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