Watch Jet's Phone System In Action

Jet's Business Phone System

Jet cloud business phone & cloud mobile

Business Mobile
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Jet's Cloud Mobile

Find out about Jet mobile in 40 seconds



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Jet's Cloud Business Phone

Turn your mobile into a call centre or make your call centre more mobile with jet


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Cloud Mobile

Add a second mobile number to any smartphone


Cloud Mobile Top 10
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Top 10 Cloud Mobile Features

Our customers 10 favourite features of cloud mobile 



Take calls anywhere with jetphone for desktop & mobile

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Intro to Jetphone for Mobile

Watch Jet’s mobile app in action, make calls, transfer and more


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Intro to Jetphone for Desktop

Use Jet’s desktop app to take and make calls from your Mac or Windows computer[1:15]


Build your phone system with clicks not code

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Manage Business Voicemail

Listen to business voicemail, stay on top of missed calls and keep everyone informed


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Change Answering Points

Change answering points at the cick of a mouse


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Manage Call Queues

Create new queues or modify existing queues in minutes not weeks


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Time of Day Routing

Set business hours, public holdiays and schedule shifts with time routing


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Set Call Whispers

What are Jetphone Apps and how do they benefit your bussiness?


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Geographic Routing

Automatically route callers to their nearest location


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Add & Manage New Users

Add new Jetphone users or upadate exieting users


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Record a Greeting

Give customers a more professional experiance with a recorded greeting


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Add a Phone Menu

Build an IVR/Auto Attendant or maintain your existing phone menu in minutes not hours


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