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Google Recommends Jets Advanced Phone Tracking!

To truely improve your marketing, you need the best data. Top marketers know, Google's call tracking is simple not that accurate. That's why they still recommend us to their biggest clients.

Now it's your chance to get the same advantage the big boys enjoy! With Jet Tracking you'll have data down to a keyword level, but also enjoy:

  • Recorded calls
  • Did the call become a sale?
  • All channels, not just Google ads
  • All tracked into Analytics


Tracks calls from mobile call extension ads on the search results page
Integrated with Adwords
Tracks call duration
Tracks call from mobile website
Call Recording
Tracks calls to a sale
Only records real calls
Tracks calls from the desktop website
Tracks calls from mediums other than Adwords (e.g. organic search or referrals)
of website visitors would prefer to pickup the phone rather than fill out a form

The Highest Levels Of Mobile Call Data!

Avoid the limitation of Googles mobile data. Jet provides the most detailed and reliable information from mobile call tracking.

With mobile traffic now more than 50% of all visits, don't miss the opportunities. Track data you can rely on. That's why Top SEO's voted us their must have tool!


Only Track Real Calls

Unlike Google, we only track real calls, not accidental clicks that skew data.

Track Calls From All Sources

Imagine the power of tracking every mobile call down to each campaign, both online and offline!

Track Sales From Calls

Track which calls turned into sales, and map that down to a keyword level in your analytics.

Calls Recorded Automatically

Listen to your sales team in action. Call recording is standard for every customer!


Exclusive Call Tracking Offer

Exclusive Call Tracking Offer
Free Analytics Dashboard!


Free Analytics Dashboard

"Marketing experts love Jet Interactive"

James Deagan
Account Director

Jet Interactive empower us to show the full impact of digital marketing to our clients. The insight we receive from their system is second to none!

Jamie Nicholson
Agency Marketer

We've worked with Jet Interactive since Google first recommended them. Over that time they have consistently invested in our systems and supported our vision.

Joshua Strawczynski
Managing Director

Simply the best call tracking system on the market. There's a reason Google recommended them to us. They are they deliver exceptional results for our clients.

Matthew Perkins
Marketing Manager

Call tracking is essential in B2B business. We are proud to have the single best system on the market. It feeds our team the data they need to be the best.

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Ask for a quote based on your existing call volume!



All you need to know is just a click away.

No. Our service makes things cost neutral, or even sometimes a saving for our clients. We ensure there’s no issues with your phone system and provide you marketing data that is second to none. There’s no reason to wait.

Yes! We can provide you specific 1800 numbers to place on any offline ads. When called, these are tracked and recorded against that advertising source. You then know exactly how effective your advertising has been.

They sure do! While the Google call tracking system works for Adwords, it doesn’t provide nearly the same breadth of data we do, and doesn’t work outside of Google Ads. With Jet, you can track any advertising source and gain full transparency into your marketing.

Yes. Our integrations are super simple, you get the data flowing directly into your analytics system and can provide exceptional insights for your marketing!

Yes. Voicemails can go to as many emails as required, however, if more than 3 are required, we recommend setting up a joint inbox to receive these.

Yes. There are a range of paid search traffic options available. Our best general recommendation is to use a static number on your Google Ads campaigns, and a session tracking pool on your website to collect all inbound traffic from these sources. Speak to a sales rep to customise your setup based on your individual needs.

Yes. Jet Interactive can Port your existing number to our systems and use this as your default or main static number as required. To do this, we will need you to complete a Port Authority form, including the service number you wish to port to us, your outgoing provider's name, and your account number with them. We will then process this request with your outgoing provider at no extra charge to you.

Sure! Once codes are installed, the Jet team will conduct a code audit of your website to ensure your code is running and replacing correctly.

Passwords can only be changed by speaking to a member of Jet's support team. Please email or call 1300 10 13 10.

3 months from the date of the call.

Jet charge a fixed monthly number charge for every service number, and call rates for all calls passing through our service numbers. We also have monthly or yearly recurring charges based on premium features (eg: GA integration, session tracking, Smart number charge) and one-off charges for support needs (eg: connection fees, answering point changes, Port fees, etc.)

Our billing cycle runs monthly. New bills will be emailed to the selected addressee on the 10th or following business day. Payment terms are 14 days after the invoice date - as such, our direct debit is processed on the 24th of each month or the following business day. Some accounts are on 30-day payment terms. This is NOT a standard payment term and must be approved by the Sales Manager or Team Leader on a case by case basis to confirm.

Jet's reporting platform shows the records for all calls across your entire account. Google Analytics only receives the data from the online trackable numbers, as they work with the Analytics code running on the website when they are installed correctly. Check the GA data against the records appearing in the "Web Calls" tab of CallTracker, and this should match at least 90%. If there is no data in Web Calls, please contact our Support team on to arrange a website code audit.