Manage your Fixed and Mobile phone users in one place

Manage the people who use your Jet Business Phones, Jet Cloud Mobile from within your Phone User interface with a click of a mouse through advanced telecommunication management.

Phone User Management

You can now manage staff within your telecommunication systems management with ease. Allocated numbers to individuals. Manage Recording. Add people to call lines and ring groups via the Call Flow builder. You will find the Phone User interface with the Jet Hub portal.


Business Phone PABX

add users to any part of your Jet Business Phone System Via the Call Flow builder

Call Queues

Add users to a call queues to make your small business run like a big corporate

Perfect for training and quality assurance. Add Recording To agents from the user management

Reporting Icon
Call Reporting

Understand call flow behaviour, agent availability and view every call made and taken with Jets Business Phone System Reporting suite

Jet Hub Users

Besides the staff that take and make calls, our telecommunication management helps to follow people that log in to manage your Jet Network. You can organise different levels of access that includes

Phone Number Selecting Process

Improve your Telecommunication Management with Jet Interactive

Jet’s comprehensive telecommunication systems management solutions will help you optimise your communications and reduce business costs.

How our telecommunication network management will help?

  • We help optimise your telecommunications network to improve performance, increase bandwidth, and reduce downtime.
  • We offer an advanced approach to monitoring your telecommunications spending, identifying cost-saving opportunities, and negotiating better contracts with your service providers.
  • We help you manage your telecommunications ensuring compliance with service level agreements, and resolving any issues that may arise.
  • We offer comprehensive service desk support to ensure that your telecommunications systems and applications are always up and running.
With our telecommunication management services, you can:
  • Reduce telecommunications costs
  • Improve business performance and reliability
  • Enhance user productivity and satisfaction
  • Simplify vendor and service provider management
  • Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements
As a team of experienced professionals, we understand the importance of telecommunication management. Our solutions are designed to help you overcome any challenges and ensure that your user management processes are efficient. Besides, we offer visual voicemail solutions that can help you enhance your management process and the customer experience. Our solution saves you time and improves your business processes, helping you to provide the best service.

View Activity OF users

User Reporting

Call Flow Behaviour

It is one thing to build complex customer centric call flows within your business but without visualisation then it is impossible to manage them. This is where the Call Flow Behaviour report comes into its own. 

What does this report show:

Phone User Availability

View what staff are online and available for calls. Phone Users, along with what device they are active on are shown.

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