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Build an IVR in minutes not weeks – no programming, just drag and drop with a mouse

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Using our IVR system will minimise the need for human intervention in routine call-handling tasks. It can help your business save time and money while helping your employees to focus on more critical tasks that require human interaction.

We work closely with our clients to understand their specific needs and goals and then develop customised solutions that meet their needs and exceed expectations.

If you want to improve your phone systems and enhance the customer experience, consider implementing the best solutions from Jet Interactive. When combined, call routing, IVR, phone system consultation, etc., you can improve your business phone system, enhance customer satisfaction, and drive business growth.

Benefits Of A Jet IVR Phone System

IVR systems or Auto Attendant phone systems as they are also known, help your business handle calls more efficiently by diverting callers directly to the relevant department. Jet’s simple to manage call flow builder and wealth of knowledge on best practices can help your business make the most out of every phone call. 

Book a demo for a free consultation with a telephony expert at Jet on how you can utilise IVR in your business to handle phone calls more efficiently.

Remove the need for a receptionist by automatically routing every call
Ensure that priority calls are answered straight away
Reduce the number of nuiscance or FAQ calls through voicemail & voice message options
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What Makes Jet IVR So Much Better?

Clicks Not Code

No need for programmers. If you can use a mouse, you can build and support a Jet IVR

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Deploy in minutes, not weeks or months


Start from as little as $20 a month

Cloud Based

No infrastructure or hardware to own and maintain


Hosted in Australia for optimum call quality, security and no time lag


Start off small and grow big – no limit to calls that can be processed through your IVR


View the options that callers used within Jet’s Call Flow behaviour report


Full integration with Jet’s Inbound Numbers, Call Queue, Business Phone System and Cloud Mobile Services


IVR Starting At $20 Per Month

Jet IVRs start at just $20 per month for a up to three widgets. These widgets give you the power to create a single or multi-level IVR.

A Single Level is where you only play a single list of options to a caller. For example Press 1 for Sales, Press 2 for Service, Press 3 for accounts. Press 4 to hear the option again.

In medium and larger companies it is common to see multiple levels servicing different departments or brands. 

There are no call costs associated with the Jet IVR when it is diverting calls within your Jet phone network. Your Jet network includes other departments and extensions that you have set up with Jet or calls going out to your Jet Apps or Jet Cloud Mobiles.


IVR Drag And Drop

Route Callers By Their POstcode

Postcode IVR

Postcode IVR allows you to divert calls to different departments, stores or locations based on the postcode that the caller enters.

For example if you have a store in Parramatta that services the neighbouring suburbs only then a ‘Call Collection’ group can be set up that contains the Parramatta post code of 2150 along with the post codes of adjoining suburbs such as Merrylands 2160.

When a caller selects a post code within the designated Paramatta Call Collection group then the call will be automatically routed through to the Parramatta store.

You can set up as many Call Collection groups as you require. If you have any post codes outside of all your Call Collection groups then calls are sent through to a default answering point.

For a quote on postcode IVR, get in touch with our team.


Report on IVR and Caller Activty

There are 3 reports to help you understand how your Jet IVR is performing

IVR Report

At a glance see what that options clients are choosing on your IVR. This helps you will resourcing and and optimising of your options.


Inbound Call report

One of Jet’s most commonly used reports. Each individual call is shown in detail including what option was selected by the caller.


Callflow Behaviour report

One of Jet’s most powerful reports. The Callflow Behavior report shows how calls transverse your organisation including how they move through your callflow.

IVR Reports

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