Support Your Teams With Call Recording

Use Call Recording within the Jet Network to enhance marketing, sales training, and compliance.

Call Recording
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Make the Most of Each Call by Integrating Call Recording Across Your Jet Network

Optimize Marketing Efforts with Inbound Call Tracking

Jet Interactive provides powerful insights with inbound call analytics. Call tracking is used to identify the specific online marketing that drives each call and give you info like marketing source, keywords used, landing page path, and converting page.

Discover Enhanced Marketing Insights with Phone Recording

Understand key product selling points, customer concerns, and how to make the sale by listening to recordings of sales calls. Our sales call recording software allows your teams to fine-tune their marketing strategies based on real-life conversations.

Train Employees Using Real Examples

Phone recording can be an excellent training tools for new employees who are learning the ropes. Use real-life scenarios to equip your customer service and sales teams to handle any customer call.

Improve your Business's Call Management and Customer Service with Jet Interactive

Use our call recording service and track critical information discussed on calls. At Jet Interactive, we understand the importance of privacy and security when it comes to recordings. That’s why our call recording feature is 100% compliant with all relevant privacy laws and regulations, and we take great care to ensure that all recordings are stored securely. If you’re looking for a way to take your business’s call management and customer service to the next level, our call recording feature is the perfect solution.

Need more?

Join our call system and enjoy the best features: from call tracking to IVR, telecommunication management, and other professional services.  We will help you to provide your customers with quality service, increase customer satisfaction, and drive sales. Our call system is user-friendly and easy to implement, with customisable options to fit your business’s unique needs.

Essential Recording Features for a Better Calling Experience


Easy Access

Access your recordings from anywhere in the world on any device due to our advanced automatic call recorder. Recordings are securely saved in your Jet Hub account for 90 days. Revisit them anytime, from anywhere.


Flexible Options for Call Recording Announcements

Informing a caller that you’re recording is a regulated requirement, but you can choose how to tell them. Use the standard announcement or add a custom version.


You can also ask callers directly at the beginning of each call, but Jet will need written permission to remove a recorded announcement.

Call Recording

Email Follow-Ups

Make tracking important conversations a breeze by automatically emailing your caller a recording after the call ends. Use this feature to help keep a record of vital conversations.

Call Recording

Simple Recording Management

A phone call log along with each call recording can be found in your Jet Hub portal. You can sort and filter recordings based on:

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