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Jet Interactives Business Phone Reporting and call analytics have been built from the ground up to provide insightful call reporting and analytics that enables companies to pinpoint where callers drop out of phone calls, monitor staff performance, Understand the busiest periods and departments, View how callers are making their way through your IVR and call tracking that has led to your customers picking up the phone and calling al in real time.

Phone System Reporting - Dashboard

Jet Interactive's Reporting Service

By choosing Jet’s call analytics software, you can gain valuable insights into your phone system usage and performance. Our system allows you to include call volume, call duration, and caller demographics which can help you to identify patterns and trends, make data-driven decisions, optimise your phone system and improve customer service. Our phone system reporting service is an essential tool to improve your phone system performance and enhance customer service.

Get your reliable and innovative partner to maximise efficiency,  gain a competitive advantage and deliver exceptional customer experience!

Phone System Reporting

Agent Performance

Improve Your Call Handling

Jet’s call reporting allows you to monitor agent performance through our service level, handle time and call recording reports. Use these reports to improve customer service and increase your customer experience

Service Level

Jet’s service level call reporting shows you how quickly your agents are answering the phone. You can set a target of the percentage of calls that need to be answered within a timeframe to monitor agent performance by. Service level reporting can also uncover weak points in your IVR and queueing structure and how that is affecting your agents performance


Monitor and train staff with in-built call recording. Recordings can be listed to through the reporting portal against agent who handled the call, IVR option, time of day and number that was dialled. Recordings can be downloaded for one on one sessions or to share with staff as a training example performance

Callflow Reporting

Improve your Caller Experience

Jet’s call flow reporting allows gives insights into how callers interact with your call flows. 


Calllflow Behaviour

The call flow behaviour report shows your caller journeys from start to finish. Beginning at the number that they dialled through the time routing, IVR, Queue and agent that answer the calls. This call analytics software is a fantastic view to visualise which paths callers are taking most often through your phone system.


Jet’s phone system reporting gives you a breakdown of calls by which IVR options are selected. Filter by call status to identify the departments that need more resources. Filter by marketing source to ensure that you aren’t spending advertising dollars on existing customer calls.

Abandonment Rate

Jet’s abandonment reporting gives you access to your total number of abandoned calls. Measure abandonment rate against the total number of calls to understand how call volume affects the abandonment rate with powerful call analytics software. Abandonment rate can be viewed against call wait duration so you can understand how total wait time affects caller abandonment. This will allow you to set handle time and service level targets for your agents to reduce your abandonment rate.

Phone System Reporting - Dashboard
Callflow Behaviour Reporting

Phone System Reporting Basics

The Reports That You Need

In Addition to the advanced reports Jets call reporting also gives you all the basic tools you need to report on calls

Call Logs

In addition to the dashboard reports Jet also provides detailed call logs for both inbound and outbound calls. View call date & time, callers number, answering point and call duration as well as the agent who answered the call.

These reports can be exported to be pushed into other systems or shared with collegues.


Jet’s reporting data is also accessible via our webhooks. Our webhooks can be used to get live data at the start and end of each call event. Create your own custom dashboards or integrate into your favourite reporting tool.

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