Geographic Routing

Control where calls are being answered based on caller location

Geographic Call Routing

Calls can be routed via the location of each caller to your business. Jet’s geographic call routing ensures that your customers speak to the right agent without being put on hold and bounced around between different departments and staff members. With our fully integrated solution, this can be achieved for all calls, or only selected call types, reasons or certain locations.


Why route calls based on geography?


Install and integrated

Help callers find the nearest location and connect to your nearest store.


Base call centre answering hours on the local time the call was made. Or send after-hours calls to a call centre that is still open.

Tailored Messages

Different areas may have different pricing, branding, terms and conditions and laws.

Routing to suit your needs

Automatic Geographic Routing vs IVR Geo Routing

There are two distinct ways to geo divert calls. One is Automatic Geo Routing and the other is IVR Geo Routing. As they are distinct methods we will explain them both so you know the best one that suits your business

What is Automatic Geographic Routing?

Automatic Geo Routing is when the caller’s location is solely determined by Jet’s telecommunications network. Mobile location information (Moli) from mobile towers and Caller Line Identification (CLI) for fixed line callers is used to designate location. Examples of Automatic Geo Routing are:

What is IVR Geographic Routing?

IVR Geo Routing is where the geography of the caller is determined by the information in an IVR. Examples of IVR Geo Routing are:

Make changes with the click of a mouse

Managing Geographic Routing with Jet

You can manage both your IVR and Automatic Geo Routes via your Call Flow Builder within your Jet Hub portal.

For more information on how to set up Geo Routing go to our Knowledge Base

Drag and Drop
From within the Call Flow Builder you can select a ‘Geo Routing’ widget and drag it in the call flow canvas.
Select Calling Locations
Open up the Geo Routing Widget and select the state, region, moli or charging zone. Simply and quickly select from the dropdown menu
Divert to Locations
Multiple geographic call locations can be selected and diverted to the relevant Jetphone extensions or phone number

Frequently Asked Questions

Not always, Automatic routing works by the geography obtained by the Jet network

Location is not always automatically identified for all calls. In about 10% of calls the Moli or CLI is not identified. For these calls a catch all or default answering point needs to be provided. Jet’s easy to use callflow builder can pickup these calls to ensure that they don’t go unanswered

Yes! Jet’s callflow builder can divert calls based on location or geo IVR to your existing phone system, to a Jet business phone system or to a combination of the two

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