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Jet's Business Phone System

Best in Class Reporting

Business phone system reporting that can pinpoint where customers are abandoning calls, how quickly agents are answering calls, Which part of your IVR makes customers hang up. View when your phones are most busy and which agents are handling the most calls to allow for better scheduling of your staff

Move to the Cloud and Save

Stop paying thousands of dollars every month for phone lines. Jet’s phone system delivers calls over any internet connection removing the need for expensive phone lines. 

Self Management Portal

Make changes to your phone system in seconds through our drag and drop interface. Update your IVR, Voicemail, Greetings, Business hours simply and quickly so you don’t have to call out a technician or rely on expensive consultants to make changes


Australian Owned and Run

Jet is 100% Australian owned and run. Our support team is Australian based along with our telephony network and hardware. This allows Jet to deliver customers the best quality calls and service

Take Calls on Any Device

Modern businesses means you need to be able to take calls at the office, on the road or from anywhere. Jet’s system allows you to connect to our Office phones, Desktop Softphone and Mobile App. There is no need to turn any switch, you can be connected to all three phones at the same time so you’re always ready to take calls

HD Quality Voice

Jet’s rock-solid, Australian based infrastructure allow for VOIP calls that are high quality. Jet’s softphone applications also come equipped with built-in troubleshooting tools so you can get the best voice quality out of your network

All The Features You Need In a Business Phone System

Make your phone system mobile or turn your mobile into a phone system. Jet’s business phone system allows you to take and make calls anywhere via 4G, 5G, Wifi or your fixed network and is NBN compatible.  No programming, no consultants – no IT degrees or infrastructure – just drag and drop to create your communication solution.

Sometimes called Auto Attendant or even virtual receptionist, out IVR allows you to divert callers to the correct department at the click of a button. Set caller menus so that customers can be connected with a staff member that can help them as quickly as possible. All managed through Jet’s self-service portal

Update and maintain your telephone system in seconds not weeks. Full video training is provided so you don’t need any expertise. Update hunt groups, change music on hold, divert incoming calls all from our powerful drag and drop builder

Make and receive phone calls from anywhere with Jet’s dedicated mobile and desktop softphone apps. Jet’s softphone Apps are the business communication tools of today to keep your phones running while working remotely, on the road or in the office

Configure custom voicemail messages that are delivered straight to your inbox. Use voicemail with our Time of day routing to set a dedicated after-hours voicemail

Enable call queueing and hold up to 100 concurrent callers at a time. Customise queue strategies, ring groups, hunt groups, music on hold and queue escape options to ensure you can provide the best experience for your callers

Start a call conference and dial in up to 7 attendants at a time. No need for conference codes or dedicated numbers, Simply use the conference button on our phones to dial the person you wish to join

Transfer calls internally to colleagues or externally to any phone number. Warm or attended transfers are made simple by automatically placing the caller on hold when you hit transfer and giving you the option to inform your colleague the nature of the call

Set up your business hours or configure call rosters with time of day routing. Jet’s flexible time of day routing allows you to create an after-hours IVR so you can still handle emergency calls, while receiving a voicemail for the calls that can wait. Time of day routing will kick in automatically when set up so you don’t have to change it over every day

Quickly enable or change custom greetings. Simply upload an MP3 file to enable a new greeting

Best in class business phone system reporting. Understand the handle time, abandonment rate, how quickly calls are being answered and listen to call recordings all on our real-time dashboards. Use this information to more effectively manage your calls and get the most out of your business phone system

Record inbound calls for staff training. Listen to calls immediately through our real time reporting dashboard. Filter by department, agent who handled the call, caller number, date and time

Get notified about the nature of a call before answering through a call whisper. Give your agents all the information they need for an efficient call

Use Jet’s e-SIM mobile to send and receive SMS from a business phone number without needing to purchase a dedicated mobile device. e-SIM allows you to add a second mobile number to any smartphone and brings mobile phone numbers back in the control of your PBX. Add mobile numbers to IVR, Call Queues, Set diversions and time of day routing

Phone System Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

Jet will port across your existing phone numbers so that you don’t have to change them. You can also take advantage of Jet’s porting expertise and know-how. We get customers configured and using their new phone system with existing numbers while the port process is being taken care of

Your existing phone lines either ISDN, PSTN or SIP trunking can all be switched off. Jet’s cloud phone system runs completely via your fixed internet, wifi, 4G & 5G connection.

If your office or home internet is experiencing issues, you can switch to 4G or 5G. This allows you to keep all phone numbers and any phone system features running while your internet is being fixed. 

Jet’s Business Phone System setup can take as little as a couple of hours. Since our system is 100% cloud-based we can configure your account and get you logged in quickly

Jet’s voice network provides HD quality calls. All telephony infrastructure and connections are held locally here in Aus to ensure the fastest connection and no lag. Our softphone applications come standard with call logging to diagnose slow internet connections or poor reception or phone service.

Jet’s team of expert consultants are 100% Australian based. We have extensive experience with Australian telephony and our own phone system. Jet also offers a help centre with video training modules on how to use Jet’s systems

Yes, Jet will provide you with new desk phones and softphone applications to be used with our cloud phone system. Our mobile application will work on your existing smartphone. The devices provided by Jet are fully supported by our team and arrive to you pre-configured ready to plug in and start making calls

Jet provides our services on month to month contracts. There are no lock in periods or minimum terms. We are confident that once you start using Jet and experience the difference you won’t want to change