Jet’s call tracking allows you to understand exactly which marketing is getting you phone calls. From offline sources such as TV, Radio, Print & Outdoor to online sources such as Adwords, SEO, Referrals and social channels like Facebook, Twitter and Instragram.

Jet’s combination of static numbers along with session tracking allows for a full picture of offline and online marketing success.

Report on calls through Jet’s live reporting dashboard or view calls in your favourite web analytics, dashboarding, bid management or CRM software with one of our integrations.

Call Tracking Dashboards

OnlineĀ  Tracking

Offline Tracking

Reporting & Integrations

Online Call Tracking

Online call tracking can be implemented using two different methods. Single Source or Session tracking. 

Single Source

Single Source tracking is used for tracking online marketing that is not on your website i.e Facebook, Instagram or Google My Business. 

A single number is assigned to each source, when customers call in through each number, the results are tracked by Jet’s system and displayed in our reporting dashboard. 

Session Tracking

Session tracking is used to track calls that are made after customers visit your website. Jet’s session tracking technology will track which source the visitor came from along with the landing page, conversion page, medium, source, keyword and campaign of each caller. 

A pool of numbers is assigned to your website so that each visitor who is on your website will be displayed a unique phone number. When a phone call is made, the phone call is matched up to the session that made the call. Jet’s unique session tracking algorithm ensures accuracy of data by combining the phone number, session location, caller location, time and date stamps and visitor information to match a session to a phone call. 

Google Analytics Call Tracking Dashboard

Offline Call Tracking

Offline call tracking will track how many calls your offline marketing is generating. From TV and radio commercials to print advertising and billboards. 

A unique phone number is added to each offline channel. When when customers call in through each number, the results are tracked by Jet’s system and displayed in our reporting dashboard.

Reporting & Integrations

Report on phone call data for both session tracking and offline tracking numbers. View call data in full detail, measure calls by source, medium, campaign, keyword, and offline channel. Listen to call recordings within the dashboard or download recordings as MP3s.

Enhance your  data by pushing it into digital marketing tools including Web anaytlics, Bid Management, Dashboarding, CRM & A/B testing.