Make Data-Backed Decisions Based on Caller Behavior

Understand what’s driving your inbound calls and which advertisements or marketing efforts are making the biggest impact

Call Tracking Dashboard
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Capture session information from calls

Use Jet Interactive's Solution: Empower Your Business with Intelligent Call Routing and Analytics

At Jet interactive, we offer a comprehensive call-tracking solution, which includes advanced features such as call queues. Its features also include real-time monitoring and reporting, so you can track call volume, wait times, and other key metrics to help you make data-driven decisions and optimise your call-handling processes.

Businesses, no matter how big or small, can be confident that they will gain valuable insights into their customers’ behaviour, preferences, and needs. You can use this information to improve your marketing campaigns, sales processes, and customer service. Why wait? Start tracking your phone leads like a pro!

Web Session Information On Calls

Know What's Working & What's Not

Spend your marketing dollars where they count by eliminating the guesswork

Quickly & Easily Identify the Marketing Tactic Driving Each Call

Jet Call Tracking allows you to…

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See call reporting in real-time

Pick up the phone knowing what ad, email, or other marketing source prompted the call

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Filter calls by first-time caller vs returning, keywords, media type, and more

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Be better prepared to help & direct each caller

Understand Your Callers

Jet’s Live Reporting Dashboard Shows:

1300 Number reporting
Call Analysis

Jet’s Call Tracking viewed within Google Analytics

Jet Call Tracking & Google Analytics

If you have reporting set up in Google analytics, easily view your call tracking there too. Our sophisticated Google Analytics integration helps you seamlessly merge your call tracking data with your Google Analytics account.

You’ll get a similar look via Google Analytics except for a few features only available inJet’s Call Tracking Dashboard:

  • Live Reporting – Jet Call Tracker is updated in real-time. You and your agents can actually see what marketing drove the call as you answer the call.
  •  Call Recording – Jet has optional call recording capabilities integrated within the Call Tracking system so you can listen to each call after it’s over. Great for identifying if the advertising is appealing to the target market or ensuring inquiries are successfully converted to sales.

Call Tracking Numbers In Australia

Jet can track calls using inbound numbers (such as 13, 1300, and 1800 numbers), Local numbers, and Australian Mobile numbers.

How Does It Work?

Understand the different types of call tracking to determine which is right for your business.

On-Page Digital Tracking

Also known as Dynamic Numbers, On-Page Digital is the tracking and reporting of every visitor to your website that calls your business. On-Page Digital comes in two varieties – Session Tracking and Single Source.


Session Tracking – Use it to track phone calls of individual callers with a unique phone number is dynamically generated for each visitor on your site.

Source Tracking – Track which source calls come from with a set number for each marketing source.

Different Types of Call Tracking

Off-Page Digital Tracking

Use Jets Call Tracking numbers within digital ads anywhere across the internet. Place a number in an ad and track how many calls it generates

Traditional Advertising – Use call tracking numbers in TV, radio, and mail advertising to measure effectiveness.

Customer Service & Support – Keep track of calls that originate from non-marketing activities to help inform resource management.

" Understand the customer journey from first click to purchase by digitally tracking calls"

The types of business
that use Call Tracking

While almost all businesses can take advantage of Call Tracking reporting some business types make greater advantage when they used this advanced solution to track phone calls.

Jet finds that business within finance, auto, insurance and education generate the most calls. Businesses where customers do a large level of researching online before calling but are ordering a complex product tend to suit call tracking.

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Different Types Of Call Tracking Numbers In Australia

Jet can track using traditional inbound numbers such as 13, 1300 and 1800 numbers along with Local numbers and Australian Mobile numbers.