Privacy Policy

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The privacy of personal information that you provide to Jet Interactive Pty Ltd (Jet) via this website is very important to us.

The Telecommunications Act 1997, the Privacy Act 1998, the Industry Codes of Practice and our own policies and procedures govern our business. The following privacy policy governs the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information by Jet.

What kind of information is collected through this site?

Jet may collect personal information about you depending on your use of the site. Jet collects this information for a limited range of purposes, depending on the nature of the information collected. Information is collected:

  1. In e-mails sent to Jet via this site. These e-mail messages will contain your screen name and e-mail address, as well as any additional information you include.
  2. By this site’s server relating to your navigation of this site. The types of information collected include details of the browser you are using, your IP address, the URL you have come from and your domain type and server.
  3. By “cookies” used by this site. A “cookie” is a software application that enables us to customise services to each user.


It tracks your navigation in the site and stores that information on your hard drive. You should be able to “opt out” of receiving cookies by setting your browser to recognise when a cookie is offered and opting out of receiving it.

Check with your software manufacturer or internet service provider to find out how you can alter your browser’s settings. Cookies are used only to facilitate use of this site. Jet does not use cookies to collect and distribute information for any other purpose.

  1. At the ‘Contact Us’ section of the site, where you can use an online form to submit enquiries to Jet.
  2. To process enquiries, we request that you complete the online form by providing personal information such as name, address and contact numbers. If you send an e-mail instead, we will require the same information.


What does Jet do with the information?

Jet may keep and file all other personal information you provide via this site to:

  1. Create profiles of users so we can tailor and improve our site for its users and customers. For example, information collected via “cookies” and navigational data helps Jet Interactive provide you with information of interest.
  2. Follow up on a user’s interest in particular products and services offered via this site, including informing the user about Jet Interactive services that may be of interest, or to contact the user as part of the process of business development. Jet Interactive Pty Ltd | ABN 95123996298 | PO Box 395 Crows Nest NSW 1585 | phone: 1300 10 13 10 | 0
  3.  Market products or services directly to you. However, when we first contact you for the purpose of direct
    marketing, we will give you the opportunity to decline further marketing communications from us.
    You can also use the ‘Contact Us’ section of our site to request that we do not use your information for direct


Further, we will send e-mails to you only:

  1. if you have elected to receive e-mails;
  2. to respond to queries you make via e-mails or the ‘Contact Us’ section of the site;
  3. to maintain your account; and
  4. to provide customer support.


If we wish to use any of your personal information for purposes other than those listed above, we will only do so
with your prior consent.


Does Jet disclose information to others?

The information that Jet collects from you is strictly confidential. In some cases, Jet may outsource the information to a third party that will be authorised to use the information subject to an obligation of confidentiality and only to carry out one or more of the particular purposes set out above.

Jet may also disclose personal information and other information or data that we collect from your use of the site for another purpose if you would reasonably expect us to disclose the information for that purpose, and if that purpose is related to the purpose specified at the time of collection of the information.

Jet may combine your navigational data with the navigational data of other users and use the aggregated results to monitor usage of this site, market to partners and to improve this site and Jet’s products and services.

However, this aggregated information will not be identified as your personal information. Jet does not otherwise disclose your personal information unless required to do so by law, regulation or an industry code, for safety reasons or where we reasonably believe that you are in breach of the terms of use of this site or engaged in illegal activities.


What rights do you have to the personal information that Jet Interactive holds?

You may restrict our use of your personal information. As set out above, you can ask Jet to:

  1. stop using your personal information to contact you about our products and services; and
  2. stop us using your personal information for direct marketing purposes.


You can ask us to correct the data we hold. At Jet, we aim to keep your personal data accurate and error-free. At any time, you may contact us via the “Contact Us’ section of the site to ask us to provide you with a list of the data we hold about you, and copies of that data. We will provide you with the data within 40 days of receiving your request.

If you believe for any reason that Jet Interactive is holding inaccurate data about you, you may ask us to correct it. Jet Interactive Pty Ltd | ABN 95123996298 | PO Box 395 Crows Nest NSW 1585 | phone: 1300 10 13 10 | 1 Your request should specify which data is inaccurate, and what corrections you want us to make. Corrections may also specify data that is incomplete, and the information that is required to update the data. We will make the corrections you ask for within 40 days of receiving your request.

You can ask us to remove the information we hold. You can ask us to remove personal information we hold about you. We will take reasonable steps to destroy or de-identify your personal information. We will comply with your request as far as technically possible and within the limits of our accounting and legal obligations within 40 days of receipt of your request.


How is my personal information stored?

Jet Interactive takes reasonable steps and maintains high standards to ensure that the information collected from users of its site is:

  1. protected from unauthorised access, destruction, use, modification or disclosure;
  2. stored in a secure environment; and only accessible to authorised persons.


Jet Interactive does point out, however, that it is not possible to guarantee that any data transmission (whether it be information that you transmit to Jet Interactive or that we transmit to you using your personal information) over the internet is 100% secure. Therefore, any online activity by you in connection with the site is conducted at your own risk despite our endeavours to ensure the security of information that is transmitted to us.


Other privacy considerations

There are some aspects of your internet usage that Jet has no control over. Please be aware that you are responsible (where applicable) for maintaining the secrecy of your username, passwords and account information. You should also close your browser after you have finished a user session to prevent others from retracing your most recent internet activity.

If you would like further information about privacy in Australia, the Privacy Commissioner’s website at may be helpful to you. Or, if you would like more information about Jet’s privacy policy, please contact us via the ‘Contact Us’ section of the site and the appropriate person will respond to your enquiry.


Changes to this Privacy Statement and privacy policies of other websites

Jet may change this privacy statement from time to time to comply with new laws or industry codes of practice. It is your responsibility to check this privacy policy from time to time in order to familiarise yourself with any changes. Please note that Jet’s privacy policy applies only to the site. When linking to another website from the site, you should refer to the privacy policy of that website as it is likely to vary from Jet’s privacy policy.

If you have any questions or require support during your time with us, our Customer Support team can be reached through the following:


Support Enquiries: – 1300 10 13 10
Staffed hours: Monday to Friday 8.30am – 5.30pm